Gaming Companies Truth Analysis: Does It Mean A Boost For Backlinkers Is An Increase For Gaming Business Too?

Call of Duty, Battlefield, Pokemon, and Munin – these may just be names of games for others but it spells a whole different world for serious gamers.

Building links for gaming websites

Gamers are a powerful audience. Although some gamers and the rest of the market regard video and computer games as just sources of entertainment, the numbers and income generated by the gaming industry is no joke. In the past years, 67% of American households play video games. With the involvement of gamers coming from Asia and Europe, it’s no wonder that an estimated 3 billion hours a week is spent on games.

Building links for most corporate structures and e-commerce sites can be tricky sometimes. However, SEO agencies working with the gaming industry know how rich in opportunities it is.

The gaming industry accumulates and supplies an incredible amount of links. It is only fitting to capitalize and venture in its wealth.

Making the Most Out of the Gaming Audience

Gamers are intensely loyal to their games of choice. However, they also get excited when new ones create a buzz in the gaming world. But one thing that gamers always watch out for are new editions of their favourite games.

Capitalize on this rapt audience by having an email list and providing the subscribers with exclusive access to coupons or codes for new games. Another plus point is to offer the subscribers with sneak previews, scoops of new releases, and forays of related areas such as new available toys or films.

Social Media

Social networking sites once again play key roles in buildlinking for the gaming industry. The gaming population spend a limited time on social networks only and would rather be in the thick of their video quests.

However, they are sure to follow, like, or view any content related to their favourite games.


Call of Duty is one of the most powerful Twitter profiles, thanks to its 2 million fan base. Authorities behind this popular game do not disappoint their followers. The page regularly posts videos, photos, and news regarding game championships, contests, and even concept images derived from characters and scenes from the game.


Pinterest may have been intended for arts and crafts but the Battlefields Company recognize how powerful a platform it can be. Battlefields’ Pinterest account is teeming with boards, location lists that inspired scenes from the game, the Battlefield heritage, and real-world military action.


Nintendo is undisputedly one of the longest-standing names in the gaming industry. Its Facebook fan page boasts of 3 million Likes. While other businesses have to pay for Facebook likes and purchase followers, Nintendo has to cope with page management. This is because the page’s posts and photos normally garner 500 comments and more than a thousand likes.

Forums and Communities

With an active and engaged audience such as gamers, there is no need to pay for back links. All one needs to do is find the right forum to create a thread or join the correct community.

Company of Heroes is one the most active forum communities for gamers. People ask questions, share tactics, and help with other gamers’ difficulties. It also has an off-topic section where people can post items outside of the game. Instead of deviating the users from the page, it gives them an avenue to discuss other matters and make sure they stay on the site.

SEO, particularly back linking, is a constantly changing business. Instead of looking at this with apprehension, it’s time to look for ways to benefit from it instead. There are a lot of ways to gain rich and natural backlinks. The key is to look for active and massive audiences such as the gaming population to get the ball rolling to your direction.

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