Search Engine Optimization Revamped and Remodelled

It is the job of search engine optimization companies to drive organic traffic to a website. This traffic will produce conversions, further the reach of brand influence, and signal Google and other search engines of the relevance of the website and its authority in its niche.

Sounds simple enough?

Not exactly.

Millions of websites are competing against each other and to make it on top of search engine result pages is not as simple as it sounds. Now, various factors are taken into equation such as mobile traffic, social networking signals, and content relevance.

Here are the various roles of SEO consultancy that delivers results in a highly competitive environment:

Promoter of User Experience

Before, strategists apply SEO tips and tricks to improve a website’s ranking that compromise user experience. In this effort to boost a website’s ranking in SERPs, companies would trick search engine bots with keyword stuffing, fake traffic, and other black hat SEO tactics which violate search engine guidelines and mislead internet users with false marketing.

Applying this aggressive technique now is a ticket for Google penalty and user backlash.

Smartphones reached an all-time high in sales and influence last year and with it came smart search. Now, both search engine bots and users alike not only demand for accurate answers – they also want it delivered fast and stress-free. This is why optimum user experience is the true SEO test of today.

There is no secret as to what makes up excellent user experience that web owners need to pay thousands of dollars to get. One only has to take the regular internet user’s perspective. A savvy SEO company should consider the question, “If I were the user, would I find this website helpful and enjoyable?”

Developer of Site Content

Quality content has reigned in the SEO realms for many years and for good reason. It is the goal of search engines to deliver the most useful websites to their users. This usefulness depends on what the users will find, read, watch, hear, or learn once delivered to the site.

A good content leads to a good user experience. A good user experience will lead to more organic traffic. It falls on the SEO consultant’s job then to monitor, evaluate, and ensure that the contents of a website are useful, updated, and well put together.

Quality web content also makes use of various strategies to deliver information in the most convenient or even entertaining way possible. Users are now used to fast and easily readable result and would much prefer a visually-captivating content than just a bunch of paragraphs.

For web articles, using bullets, Meta tags, and images to drive home the point will engage the readers. Using infographics, videos, and slideshows also captivate an otherwise impatient audience.

Creative Brand Marketer and Site Link Builder

In the days of black hat SEO, building and indexing backlinks was easy. A web owner can just pay a few bucks to get 1000 backlinks and watch the website grow in popularity. Press release submissions here and there and article submission services were also a few tricks on how to build links.

Now, getting authority backlinks requires more creativity, timing, and informed planning. This is true for both organically acquired or manually created backlinks.

Instead of just link building the conventional way, it is the SEO specialist’s role to think what visitors want to link to. From this perspective, they can invest on the links that will propagate organically.

Digital Strategist for the Brand

It is expected of SEO experts to update title tags and research for keywords search terms to boost page ranking.

SEO specialists invest ample amount of time on a website to study data on how visitors are using the website, what campaigns are working, and what products or promotions are churning revenues. For this reason, the SEO specialist’s role expand as a strategist on furthering brand reach and overall marketing campaign of the company.

More than just generating a bunch of key words and updating title and meta tags, the SEO team should also have a say in other business decisions because of the invaluable knowledge they garnered from their work.

Advocate of Teamwork

The overall success of a business online has many facets: technology, design, marketing, social networking, and creative work among many others.

As the head team in bringing the brand’s name on top of search engine result pages, it is the responsibility of SEO group to let other teams know what brought about the high ranking of the page. This way, the IT team can make the site more accessible, the creative team can make the site more engaging, and the social media admins can make the brand trend in social platforms.

Every action that a company makes online has a resonating effect in its overall site optimization efforts. As the team that spearheads the company into SERPs, the SEO consultants have roles as wide-ranging as the trade itself.






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