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seo backlinkAs a site owner, link building is one thing that you will have to deal with to improve the performance of your online business. This may be easy to do, but since you are going to need many backlinks to get significant improvements, you will have to invest in time to attain your desired numbers of backlinks. Unless you are working full time for your online ventures, you will more likely to outsource the task to a trusted link building service. That is why it is important to carefully assess the viability of outsourcing the task, as well as learn how to find the right link builders that will create good quality backlinks for your personal or business website.

Importance of Backlinks

Backlinking is an integral part of search engine optimization. Websites can hardly be optimized without backlinks, and it is difficult for websites to get to the top result pages of Google and stay there for long without sufficient backlinks to support its ranking. Therefore, if you want to optimize your site for the search engines, then you better start building backlinks to improve its rank.

But prior to that, it is recommended to gain more insights on backlinking, as well as the different backlinking strategies. This will make it easier for you to create your own techniques, or when assessing the strategies that link builders are using to improve the page rank of your site.

Standard Backlinking and SEO Link Building

Standard Backlinking

Backlinking used to be a numbers game. The more backlinks you create the better will be the ranking of the site being optimized. The ranking parameters used by the search engines in the past were simple. Search engines simply checked the number of backlinks to assess the popularity of the site, without giving so much importance on where the links were coming from. Thus, the traditional backlinking method involves creating as many backlinks as possible from any sources. Because the process is simple, many programming experts were able to develop software that automates the process of link building. With just few button-clicks in the software, you can blast the web with a lot of backlinks to your site, thereby improving its page rank.

While this method works in the past, but anymore today. Recent ranking algorithm changes in Google shifted the focus more on quality rather quantity. This means, even if you have a lot of backlinks pointing to your website, but if these links are coming from inferior sources, then little improvements will be observed on the page ranking of your site.

This could also mean that backlinking software developed in the past may no longer work well today because of the algorithm changes imposed by the search engines. Most backlinking software cannot determine if a particular site has high pr or low page rank; they were not programmed to create links from high authority sources. Therefore, using software to build backlinks may no longer be as effective as manual link building.

SEO Link Building

If you aspire to achieve significant improvement in your site’s page ranking, focus your backlinking at sites with high authority and good page rank. This technique is called search engine optimization link building wherein you don’t only build backlinks from any sources but you are effectively targeting specific sources to create the backlinks that your site needs. In fact, you can further breakdown your backlinking strategy into different categories. You can focus your backlinking activities on high PR sites or mid PR sites, or a combination of both.

Also a good strategy is to focus your link building on high PR sites in the following groups:

  • article directories
  • blogging networks
  • web directories
  • forums
  • social bookmarking networks
  • social sites

The ideal method is to diversify your link sources by creating backlinks in all of the above groups. This is also aligned with the new ranking parameters of Google where link diversification is given due importance in the recent Penguin update. So far, no software can do this, and this technique must be done manually by a reliable link building service. You can also opt to manually build backlinks on your own and follow this method if you have the time; but if you have the money then it is better to outsource the task so that you can focus more on other important matters of your online business.

Another vital aspect that separates SEO link building from the traditional method is relevancy. It is important to create links at related sites to get higher ranking points from Google. Backlinks created from non-relevant sources will be given low ranking points; therefore all your efforts will be poorly rewarded.

But what is interesting to note is that you can still see some people creating backlinks today from non-related sites. These are usually the handiworks of backlinking software. Try to check the comments section of your blog and you will be annoyed by generic comments with links to certain sites that are far from the topic discussed in the article or post.

The fact that some people today are still using backlinking software to build backlinks, there is also higher possibility that some backlinking services are using software to build links for their clients. Use of such software will not only give you poor results but it could potentially damage your online reputation as well. In worse case, your site may be branded as a spam site and search engines will eventually blacklist your site and de-indexed it from the result pages.

As part of SEO link building, it is imperative to build backlinks only from related sources. Create your links at high authority sites within the same niche where your own website belongs to. You will receive additional plus points from Google when it re-evaluates the ranking of your site if you follow this technique.

Choosing the Best SEO Link Building Service

If you think that outsourcing is the ideal choice for you to build backlinks to your site, then the next step is to choose a reliable provider that actually provides good results. To help you in selecting the ideal link builders to hire, read the following tips:

  • Avoid using the services of a link building firm that uses software to create back links.
  • Avoid firms that use the traditional link building method as mentioned above. Their techniques may be outdated, leading to poor results. Bear in mind that you don’t need just any backlink, but top-quality relevant links from high authority sites for best results.
  • Choose the services of link builders with SEO strategies.
  • Ask for the method they are going to use to create backlinks.
  • Ask for a report to track where the links were created. This will help you assess if the created backlinks are coming from relevant high PR sites.
  • Choose the High PR plan if they are offering different packages.
  • Check the quality of the customer services, particularly the response time to your queries and concerns
  • Check the past records of the firm, including feedbacks from customers and reviews by previous clients.

While there are still other criteria to use when choosing the best SEO link building service, the above tips can already help you in your decision when hiring the right provider that is capable of implementing effective SEO backlinking techniques.

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