SEO Predictions 2016: Is Increasing Web Traffic Enough for the Next Year?

Internet marketers are no stranger to the constant updates of SEO. In the coming year, will buying web traffic be enough to up one’s SEO? Will web traffic be relevant at all? To get anywhere at all in business, it is important to stay ahead of the game. Experts in SEO and internet marketing have pooled in their take regarding Search Engine Optimization for the coming year.

Here are the biggest SEO Predictions for 2016:

Mobile Search Will Expand Faster than Ever

how much web traffic does mobile browsers bring in


Before, getting visitors to one’s website automatically means web traffic. That is, people who are using their laptops and PCs to browse your company’s website.

This has steadily shifted when mobile phones and social media changed the way search is done.

Now, people search products and read reviews and blogs through their phone screens. Potential customers and visitors are directed to a website through a Tweet, Facebook share, or Pinterest Re-pin.

This has changed the landscape of search engine forever.

This year marked the biggest jump in smartphone use, what with it showing 394% increase in smartphone users.

It is not coincidental that Google emphasized user experience and mobile adaptability as the core of SEO for this year. Companies have gone out of their way to make their websites fluidly fit different mobile screens. And the businesses who can provide the easiest, fastest, and most convenient search and purchase experience regardless the device used come up on top of their contenders.

Smartphones are here to stay and in its wake is the steady increase of mobile search. Companies that want to remain relevant in the coming year will do well to make sure their websites evolve with this change.

Reputation Management Becomes More Crucial

how do you appear in social media


Before, social media is the haven of teenagers and young adults where they catch up with friends, swap photos, and express themselves in the cyber world. Now, it has become the hub of news, a platform of brand advertising, and the strongest, clearest looking glass of pop culture. Its audience has also expanded so that people of almost all age groups now have a social profile.

This expansion of social networks mean brand exposure has reached an all new level of importance. A company can use the best materials for their products and hire high-end advertising agencies but one bashing post from a customer who complains about customer service can quickly throw the said company into a dubious reputation.

Comments and posts can go viral overnight. That is why it is important for companies to always keep an eye on their social profiles. These reputation-damaging posts can be picked up by blogs and online news sites and a simple complaint can spread like wildfire if not taken seriously.

Many studies regarding the purchase behavior of consumers reveal that most people now prefer to do research in their mobile phones than seek the help of an in-store assistant. Consumers are easily swayed to purchase a product if they see it recommended in their social networks rather than by a company’s sales pitching.

On the flip side, one bad review and one untended complaint can create a backlash that will turn potential customers away and create doubts in existing customers.

Engaging people in social media and maintaining a clean, up-to-date reputation has now become an importance in the whole SEO landscape.

Google Direct Answers Become Sharper, More Targeted

targeted visitors from google


Remember the days when Google populates its search results with nothing but a bunch of paragraphs from articles?

Now, when you research for a product or service, Google provides links to purchase, check-ins and directions to locations where you can find said product or service, links to their social profiles, customer reviews, and images to zero in on the most relevant, updates results.

In order to land the most coveted top spots on Google, help the search engine provide updated, more targeted results to customers.

This means short, straight-to-the-point description of products, social plug-ins, reviews, and web content that is as mobile friendly as it is useful.

Focus on your content strategy and smart-screen adaptability and the Google bots will come crawling into your site to boost you into its SERPs.

These SEO predictions 2016 throw a new light to the business again: web traffic now shares the spotlight with mobile traffic, reputation management is now as important as product management, and Google favors companies which make it a better search engine.

Will your company make it or break it in SEO 2016?

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