Reducing Mild on Social Bookmarking: Learn How to Enhance Social Bookmarking

Everyone in the internet marketing world knows that social bookmarking is a gem. That’s why software and programs sprout out left and right promising targeted traffic from giant bookmarking websites and high PR back links.

However, all these programs and techniques will not be worth a cent if not aimed to accomplish the right goals.

The matter of what one domain owner aim to achieve with their social bookmarks is just as important as having the right tools and resources to get it. In any type of business, it does not do well to have a generalized objective when one sets out to venture on new techniques.

It is best to list down what to expect from one’s employed methods. Having these concrete goals and expectations hashed out will not only make sure one has good social bookmarks in place but that results are really coming in.

Different kinds of bookmarks drive different kinds of results. Sites like are able to provide link juice to websites. There are also bookmarking services that provide the NoFollow Attribute.

Before, internet marketers have disregarded the NoFollow links. However, more and more people are coming to terms that No Follow has benefits that may just be as important as those coming from Do Follow Social bookmarking.

Google and other search engines are now finding ways on how to look beyond incoming social book mark links to measure their value based on search indexes.

Because bookmarks basically show how a site measures up in the eyes of users, voting puts it up a notch higher. Voting lets search engines know how to classify a website and how to rate its quality according to the users’ discretion.

Besides this primary function, here are multiple ways that website owners and internet marketers can make the most out of their bookmarking services:

  • Faster Site Index

There is a reason internet marketers endeavour to turn casual site visitors into regular users. People bookmark websites launched by their friends even before search engines can reach them.


  • Quality Measurement and Impact

More bookmarks on a site equals to higher relevance and better quality. There is a catch on how it works though: multiple users need to bookmark the site on multiple bookmarking websites. The impact is not the same if only one user bookmarks it dozens of times.


  • Volume of Votes

Digg and Reddit play a major role not only in the quantity but also the quality of votes a website has. These leading bookmarking sites provide search engines with valuable information as to what site is in hype.

The volume of votes also correlates to the quality measure and impact of a website. Because higher volumes of votes on the same site casted by multiple users utilizing multiple bookmarking services is the goal of internet marketers.


  • Co Citation or Categorization

Users help search engines categorize and identify a site by their personal citation of what a site is. For example, when multiple users tag a site as Home Improvement, it helps search algorithms in categorizing a website to provide better and more targeted search results in the future.


Unbiased tags – these are what can be expected when the public bookmarks a site using their own key phrases or names and descriptions. This ensures search engines that the key words and description attributed to a site is impartial and not employed by the owners.


Knowing the most popular social bookmarking services is not enough if one is vague on what to expect out of it. By shedding light on what can be expected from,, and the rest of the websites in the latest social bookmarking sites list, it becomes easier to gear these services towards one’s convenience.

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