Snapchat Rolls Out Discover: Social Advertising In for Another Shift

It seems that the internet’s famous names find the early part of the year as the best time to roll out updates: Google released an update in February. Twitter rolled out a tool to help small businesses. And now, Snapchat introduced Discover, an advertising opportunity for businesses.

New sources like ESPN and CNN are expected to appear in the Snapchat Stories of users. Snapchat is fairly new in social media influence, particularly among business subscribers. It has opened opportunities for advertising only last October 2014. And Discover is the latest tool to help businesses further their brand.

The previous year proved to be a lucrative time for Snapchat as it has been dubbed as the fastest growing messaging application. With 57% user growth, no wonder businesses are slowly invading its realms.

Snapchat is popular in the younger generation because it is an epitome of the digital world today: lightning-speed info and greatly diversified stories readily available with one quick swipe.

With Snapchat, users can watch or read a story with one upward swipe. There is no need to click through an external site. No need to wait for a story to load from an outside source. No issues with formatting from publishers editing the same stories to fit smaller screens. The stories and content contained within Snapchat were created for the app itself.

Where does Snapchat Discover Stand in Terms of SEO?

Oddly enough, Google cannot identify content stemming from Snapchat.

Here are the following considerations drawn out of this fact:

• Search engines cannot get a hold of the content made exclusively for Snapchat and cannot therefore deliver relevant results to consumers

• Users need to download, register, and utilize multiple applications to get the content they need

• SEOs need to think of different methods to get their content discovered

Snapchat’s roll out of Discover appears to be another bump in the road of social advertising. However, that is not to say that it will derail companies from marketing their services. It may just be another innovation to catapult social media advertising to a whole new level.

Authorities from Facebook are also talking about considering to build partnership with publishers in order to build stronger exclusivity in its user experience.

Whether Snapchat’s Discover will prove to be a successful tool for advertisers and users still remain to be proven. However, if it does harvest lucrative outcomes, other social networking sites are sure to follow suit. More and more social sites will also endeavour to acquire exclusive content and user interaction.

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