SEO Marketing with the Help of Article Submission Sites – A Cost Efficient Way to Establish the Reputation of Your Business and Gain Exposure

You can very easily and efficiently use article submission sitesto generate website traffic and jump start your online marketing campaign. The idea behind a campaign using this type of advertising is simple: you write articles that are relevant for the niche of your business and you publish them on various article directories.

If your content is well-written, you can raise the interest of those who read your articles and prompt them to visit your website. The more people read your articles and access your site, the more exposure your enterprise gains and the higher the chance to transform these visitors into real customers. In what follows we propose to give a more detailed description of how you can use these article submission websites to your advantage.


How Does Article Submission Work?

One of the parameters used by search engines for rating websites is the number of backlinks a website gets. The more backlinks your site gets, the higher it will rank, and article submission is one of the most efficient search engine optimization techniques currently used.

Article directories are sites that you can send your content for being published on the internet. These sites group the articles thematically and they will provide an author box for your articles as well, where you can include links to your company website or your blog. As you see, the articles published on these directories are excellent tools to build back links and provide a better exposure for your website, but there are a few rules you must bear in mind when writing your content to be able to leverage the full potential of article submission websites to your advantage.


How to Write Efficient Content for Article Submission Sites

If you are to write efficient content to be published on these directories, you need to be creative, and you need to use exactly the right words to create maximum impact:

– The main purpose of these articles is to provide useful advice, help and tips to people who are relating to your niche in some way, so your articles are more efficient if you mention your website or your product as one of the possible solutions to your reader’s problem, rather than promoting your product in a very direct way.

– While you should not advertise your website lengthily and very directly in your articles, you should definitely use the right keywords to attract attention. You need to use the most powerful of your keywords in the title – a catchy, interesting, attention-drawing title, of course – as well as at the beginning and the end of the article, to tell your readers and search engines as well what the content is about.

– You must make sure your articles are 100% unique and you must avoid publishing the same article over several different sites. Search engines filter content by originality and they penalize duplicates by ranking your articles lower if they are not original.

You must be aware that writing your own content is not the only way to get interesting, well-written articles. If you don’t have the time or you feel that the task is too overwhelming, you can turn to article writing services that will create unique, properly organized, high quality texts for you.


 How to Submit Contents to Article Submission Sites

Once you have your contents, it is time to publish them on one or several article submission websites. There are two ways to do this:

– You can use a special software to post your articles – if you go for this solution, all you have to do is obtain the software, load your contents in the program and hit the submit button.

– You can hire an article submission service to take care of your contents for you – choosing this method is a bit more expensive, but if you turn to such a service, you can be sure your contents will appear exactly on the websites that have the highest authority in your domain of activity.


 The Advantages of Using Article Submission Sites

Besides the obvious advantage of circulating your name more widely, publishing your original contents comes with other benefits, too:

– The backlinks built with the help of articles are quality links that will make your website rank higher on search engine hit lists.

– The people who visit your website after having read your articles are already interested in your product or service.

– If your articles are written in a way so as to provide real help to those interested, you can convince your readers that you know your trade, so this content can contribute a lot to establishing your business as authoritative and reputable.

Using article submission sites for purposes of online marketing and generating search engine traffic has immense potential without requiring you to make considerable investments, and you will be able to notice the positive effects of well-written contents instantly.

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