Social Bookmarking : Tags, Links, And Votes, Why Is It Essential For Bookmarking?

Owners of new websites, news sites, and blogs find social bookmarking highly advantageous. Online bookmarking allows domains to be introduced to others with significant tastes, add valuable links, and even increase site traffic.

There are different bookmarking services available using several techniques. There are some sites like which passes on link juice while there are others which make use of the No Follow feature. Contrary to its name, the No Follow attribute can still be traced by search engines. Search engines like Google nowadays look beyond the social book marking websites’ incoming links to meter their search index values.

Because the algorithms used by Google as well as other search engines are constantly updated, more attributes are now highly valued in addition to anchored back links. These additions include the external metadata collected from user generated tags, description, categorization, and links.

A bookmarking service can show how the impression of a website on users. For websites which permits voting, a bookmarking site can detect the classification systems and engines for vote-monitoring.

Bookmarking service sites also help search engines by way of the following:

Deeper Indexing

  • There are many pages which have been bookmarked that are found deep into their domains. These pages may not always be linked easily to other pages or may be found through non-existent or bad website navigation. They may also be linked to external pages.

Measuring Quality

  • The more user bookmarks a web page has, the higher the relevance and the quality of a site are. The mark of an authority website therefore is that it has multiple bookmarks from multiple unique users who utilize different book marking services. The key is that it has to be from different unique users to make it an authority. This means that even if a site has numerous bookmarks, its relevance would not significantly increase if the bookmarks are made by one user only.

Co Citation

  • Domains are arranged into different categories by social book marking services based on the tags used by users to label the site or pages. The data provided by these descriptions are the ones used by search engine algorithms to classify the websites.

Faster Indexing of Websites

  • Before search engine bots can detect websites, real users are the first to mark a page or site they find relevant.

External Meta Data

  • When users book mark a page, they tag the pages with description using key phrases that will best describe the site or the page content. This kind of information is unbiased, honest, and helpful because it reflects how the public sees it and not how the owner would sell it as.

Number of Votes

  • The websites Reddit and Digg measures the number of votes of a website from real users. This works the same way as bookmarks: the higher the number of votes a web page has, the higher is the relevance of its information. In the same way, the more unique visitors are voting, the higher is the site’s importance. Multiple votes by the same user do not have the same effect.


  • Categorization works similarly with Co Citation in that it helps in defining the subject of a website. This feature allows search engines to better assist internet users zero in on the niches they are looking for.

Social bookmarking services is a gem that benefits users, website owners, and search engines. More domain owners are investing on this for SEO purposes because it allows them to market their websites to the common internet users while making their online image more visible to search engines.

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