Targeted Website Traffic Expected to Increase

Bing Released New Image Search Technology

Influential search engine Bing has taken another makeover for its image search option. The latest shift promises to get website traffic for businesses, the search engine company reveals. Bing authorities also promised that the latest technology for their image search will targeted website traffic.

What the Latest Bing Image Search Technology Does

The new Bing Image Search technology boasts of the following capabilities:

  • Ability to scroll up and down or swipe around and acquire vital information on where to purchase an item.
  • Ability to show related search results based on the subject image.
  • Ability to present places or nearby locations where users can acquire the item.
  • Pinterest collections or pins related to the image.
  • Other websites or blogs where the subject image is featured.
  • More sizes for the image.

Authorities from Bing declared that as of the moment, the search engine is focused on targeting websites where the image is available to be purchased. The product photo is displayed in beta format.

bing image tech



This is a good news for ecommerce websites. Now, the search engine helps them get more targeted traffic by featuring their products in its SERPs. It also gives users the ability to browse through different versions of an item they are looking for to help them narrow down their choice. This advanced feature saves the Bing users time and effort in browsing through different websites to scour for items on their shopping list.

The search engine authority also added that it is currently developing plans to extend the SERPs into sites on top of Pinterest. It can be noted that Bing has been partnering with Pinterest to bring about image search results since 2013.

The new image search technology released by Bing also provides a sleeker and cleaner interface. Internet users can click through images via a redesigned viewport. The new interface allows them to access related searched, image meta data, source page, and the option to pin the image to Pinterest.

The search pages can also be viewed through a slideshow format.

bing search pages

The search engine does not fail to remind its users to use the images with responsibility. Each image is stamped with this reminder as well as a link where they can access copyright information of the image.

As every business prepares to be mobile-ready, Bing also improved search image results to be better suited for mobile users.

The following is the newly improved search image result for mobile traffic:

search image improve traffic

How Image Search Results Can Influence and Get Website Traffic

All these advancements are geared towards bringing high quality traffic with better engagement.

In one of its blog posts, Bing has affirmed the power of images in search. According to the search engine authorities, over 100 million Bing users perform image searches every month. Each month shows a staggering 1 billion image searches, sometimes even more. In addition, relevant image results are also shown in various searches across different platforms, devices, and search partners.

Bing encouraged web masters to take advantage of this opportunity and utilize images to optimize their business pages.

Bing Image Search Capability Resulted to a More Driven, More Engaged Web Visitors

Thanks to this technology made possible by Bing, internet users have discovered the advantage of searching through images. Image search enables people to not only find more but also do more. The rich meta data that Bing uses for the image search results drives engaged visitors to purchase, print, or locate an image. As a result, active visitors are delivered to the content providers.

How to Make Bing’s Image Search Technology Work for You

The question now remains, what can you do to make this fast, high-tech move of Bing work for your business?

Web masters must make use of structured data to grow their web page visibility and potential to direct traffic to their business. Bing encourages the use of OpenGraph and Other options to use include RDFa, Microformats, and Microdata.

The search engine team explains that when Bing robots crawl and fetch info from the page content, the search engine crawlers analyze the associated metadata through the use of the aforementioned schemas. It enriches the search engine’s intelligence on the content relating to the image.

The more meta data associated to the image, the higher is its chance to rank high on Bing SERPs. The search engine also mentioned other useful elements to boost up the image to its ranks such as:

  • Popularity and descriptive elements
  • Additional info surrounding the image
  • Using helpful context like relating the image to a product or recipe

Web masters can also employ the use of meta tags possessing content attributes but no visible text.

The search engine powering image search also supports feed formats coming from mediaRSS and PubSubHubbub. Bing also prefers direct feeds because it enables updated and extensive information about a website. This will help Bing image search to boost up the website in its ranking in an effective and relevant manner.

The new Bing image search technology has been rolled out across desktops, Android and iPhone smartphones, and tablets. A Chrome extension to deliver the image search data into web pages has also been rolled out.

Bing has taken a leap of change as to how search is performed and with it comes getting website traffic that is intelligent, proactive, and engaged.

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