The Enterprise Trials Of Twenty Fifteen: Can Your Label Succeed?

The previous year has changed the SEO and online business yet again. From new top-level domains to security breaches, from Google penalties to the rules of social signals, there is always something new that greets web masters and internet users alike.

However, big companies tend to face bigger challenges compared to smaller businesses. As professionals converge to share their take on what can be expected from the New Year, the anticipated challenges are touched on.

Below are the top challenges enterprises are expected to face in 2015:

  1. The Problem of Insufficient Search Data
  2. The Issue of SEO and PR Associations
  3. The Challenge of Making Changes On-Site

Although companies establish goals to hit every New Year, most businesses fail to grasp these targets as the year rolls on. This is mainly due to lack of preparation and being caught off guard by the tests that come up.

In business, staying ahead is a guaranteed defense to stand strong whenever the industry throws a curve ball.

How does one stay ahead when 2015 has only just started?

Simple: learn more about the anticipated enterprise challenges of 2015 and how to dodge or defeat them.

  1. The Problem of Insufficient Search Data

It is anticipated that data coming from and for traffic source will become more challenging to acquire. This is due to the heightening prevalence of mobile usage, applications, SSL or https, and many other complexities that relate to it.

Professional SEO agencies and online marketing professionals have come up with different methods in response to this. Social media optimization, content marketing, PR back linking – all these deliverables and more have become a justification on their own.

What an Enterprise Can Do About Insufficient Search Data Problems

Section organic traffic searches by landing page. This method makes it possible to see where the visitors are entering the site. Conducting a keyword research to determine what the pages should be appropriate for is a must-do. It is also good to do a rank check to see if the said pages are appearing.

  1. The Issue of SEO and PR Associations

PR and link building now go hand in hand. More and more companies are now depending on their PR department to conduct the whole link acquisition business. This is in addition to its more conventional roles of running social promotions, conducting press relations, and administering in blogger communications.

It is a delicate balancing act. And if left unchecked, one small miscalculated step can bring the site, or the online business, crumbling down.

What an Enterprise Can Do About SEO and PR Associations Issues

If the SEO team and PR team of a business are still separate, then each needs to educate the other constantly. SEOs need to update the PR team regarding news and relevant SEO issues that intersperse with PR. This is true whether the PR team concerned are of the client’s, a third-party agency, or the in-house staff.

The SEO team should also be aware of the PR’s KPIs. There’s a good chance that SEOs can help in reaching these targets. The bottom line is: both should not cancel out each other’s efforts but rather give each other a boost.

3. The Challenge of Making Changes On-Site

Companies are banking too much on press releases to recover back links to websites. As it is, making on-site changes is inevitable if a brand wants to remain relevant.

The current year demands online businesses to make their website design and architecture adaptable for mobile devices. Another change that cannot be ignored is the increasing demand to switch to httpd as deemed fit by Google.

According to the 2014 Ranking Factors Study conducted by Searchmetrics, a website’s engagement is the number one factor affecting page ranking. On-site engagement is impossible to be dealt with without the input of web developers, designers, content writers, and information architects.

What an Enterprise Can Do About the Challenges of On-Site Modifications

Because on-site changes demand the input of many teams, the whole ordeal can get messy fast. The good news is, tools like Data Highlighter from Google can help simplify the task. This tool can provide methods to influence search rankings without the involvement of web developers.

Knowledge Vault or Knowledge Graph is expected to gain wider influence in 2015. Optimizing on the tools can greatly increase visibility online.

As for mobile flexibility, Google has released Mobile Path to Purchase, a study to help marketers make websites a better shopping place when accessed through smart phones and tablets.

In a nutshell, employing agile working practices is the SEO challenge of big companies for 2015. Gathering and educating teams, especially those who are not well-acquainted with SEO, should be the main target of corporations. Only then can they get a foothold to deliver organic performance in 2015 and the years to come.

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