Learn Social Media Managing With This 30 Minutes Tutorial That Will Shock You Down.

For years, it is accepted that site optimization takes hours every day. The same truth has been accepted when social media entered the scene of business.

But because social network is only one branch in the overall brand advertisement online, time management and optimization should be mastered.

In so doing, one can do multiple tasks on a short span of time. This does not mean watering down the quality of one’s work. To perform this duty effectively, divide the tasks into 30-minute chunks.

Why You Need to Optimize Social Marketing Time

A research by Ipsos revealed that average users spend 3.6 hours daily on social networking sites. As the average person’s waking time is 16 hours/day, this means that 25% of the time, people are browsing their Facebook newsfeed, retweeting a post in Twitter, or double-tapping photos on Instagram.

The research further breaks down the stats by taking into account the age of users and the number of hours each age bracket spend on social media:


  • Users aged 35 years old and below spend 4.2 hours per day on social networks.
  • 35 – 49 year old social media users spend 3.1 hours a day on their accounts.
  • Users aged 50 years old and above spend 2.8 hours a day on their social networks.


How to Breakdown Social Media Managing Tasks

After buying Twitter followers or purchasing Facebook Likes, it’s what a company does with their existing users that determine if their increased audience will take off.

Here are 12 key elements or tasks to help a company do so:

  1. Organizing
  2. Crafting
  3. Posting
  4. Scheduling
  5. Calculating
  6. Assessing
  7. Replying
  8. Heeding
  9. Engaging
  10. Helping
  11. Planning
  12. Testing

Can a dozen task be done in just half an hour?

The above list may look like a tall order but it can be done by organizing the tasks according to what their goal is.

The first four tasks, Organizing, Crafting, Posting, and Scheduling, all gear towards content.

Calculating, Assessing, Planning, and Testing are tasks which aim to accomplish growth.

Finally, the tasks of Replying, Heeding, Engaging, and Helping aims to establish stronger community ties in the social network.

How to Queue 24 Hours’ Worth of Rich Content in Just 30 Minutes

  1. Spend 5 minutes researching for interesting topics or stories
  2. Spend 15 minutes on reading content
  3. Spend 10 minutes on crafting and posting

The good news is there are many helpful websites to help a social media manager accomplish this agenda.

Here are popular websites for a scheduled social media managing:

  1. PRC – one-stop place to grow your Facebook likes, Twitter Followers, Google +1s, and Pinterest Repins.
  2. Feedly – one place to read and share preferred content. The site has 15 million readers and is available everywhere through the web, Android, and iOS.
  3. Buffer – gives users the opportunity to share up to 100 posts on up to 10 social profiles.
  4. Digg Deeper – the tool to supply stories and subjects based on the most talked-about in the internet in real time.
  5. Nuzzel – a fast and simple reader for social news laid out in a clean, intuitive design.
  6. IFTT – an easy-to-use website to help users personalize and accomplish tasks through recipe or formula creation.

These websites will help managers or page admins grab stories, read content, compose and share their posts, and grow their reach with only 30 minutes to spare.

If you can create and publish an epic content in just half an hour while growing your audience influence, think of the many productive things you can still accomplish with all the time it frees up.

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