The Current Data of Social Media Giants Could Alter Your Mind If You’re Planning of Purchasing Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers.

Pew Research Internet Project released new data about the social media giants which have forever changed the landscape of business, advertising, and online marketing.

Facebook still ranks number one as the most popular social network but Instagram shows fast, unstoppable growth.

In the USA alone, Instagram adult users have grown to nine percent over the course of the previous year. This means that as of the latest count, 26% of adult American people are now on Instagram. Instagram used to be the secluded social network as it is only utilized through smartphones and not on desktop, though viewing is possible.

However, the past year marked billions of smartphones being sold out and it seems like this sale greatly catapulted Instagram into the hearts – and pockets – of the growing smartphone users.

Will this change the way business is done on Instagram?

Only recently did the photo-sharing social website released new tools and support to aid business account users. But it is expected that with the fast-growing number of users, Instagram will add or renew terms governing usage and business accounts management.

The past years have shown Facebook and Twitter implement stricter terms. Facebook pages with unreal-sounding names were taken down which sparked controversy and outrage among many users. However, Facebook clarifies that it is part of their endeavour to weed out spam and suspicious accounts. Twitter has also removed followers which are inactive. This move greatly disappointed and enraged many businesses for suffering loss of followers on their Twitter pages.

The end of 2014 also marked the same move from Instagram. Many Instagram account owners, both regular users and businesses alike, were dismayed to find the number of their followers decreased as the social network eliminated inactive accounts.

Although the social networks insist this is primarily for security reasons, it has a direct blow on businesses which utilize social media in advancing their brands.

When social networks were still starting to make noise in the business and advertising world, many companies spent hundreds of dollars to buy Facebook fans, get Twitter followers, or even buy YouTube views.

Perhaps the same strict terms can be expected from Pinterest, which ranked second to Instagram in the fastest-growing social websites. Pinterest user base grew 7% in 2014, which is closely followed by the LinkedIn’s 6% growth. Twitter comes third by garnering 5% of growth in the previous year.

Facebook is still reigning social media king but its growth has reach a plateau.

This does not mean that Facebook has not shown any improvement.

The same research reveals that in terms of user engagement, Facebook is leading with 70% of users logged in and active every day. This is a significant leap from its previous stats of 63% user engagement. Instagram has 49% and Pinterest shows 17% of engaged users. All stats are based on user activity on a daily basis.

More Takeaways from this Research:

  • Fifty-three percent of Instagram users are 18 – 29 years old. Only last month, Instagram boasted a milestone of reaching 300 million users, thereby beating Twitter for the first time.

Because this vast market consists mainly of young people, it should be the focus platform of brands whose target audience are teens and young adults.


  • Fifty-two percent of adults are now active in two or more social networks. This is a significant growth from 2013 which showed only forty-two percent.


  • Thirty-one percent of Facebook users are seniors. Fifty-six percent of Facebook users are 65 years old and above.



  • LinkedIn showed 50% of users share.


  • Women dominate Pinterest. The female users consists of 42% of the network’s user base.


The future is looking brighter and bolder for social networks and it’s only up to businesses and advertisers to find ways to share the limelight.

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