Top SEO Tips for 2017

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already started 2017.  Hopefully you got everything you wanted to get done in 2016 :).  However, if you didn’t quite get everything done, I can help you out on the SEO front.  We’re all about SEO and website traffic here at and I’ve made some observations over the past year that will help you out. Here are my top SEO tips for 2017.seo tips for 2017

SEO Tips for 2017

The universe of SEO keeps on changing at lightning speed.

Client needs and desires, as well as Google’s calculation upgrades, keep us internet marketers persistently making changes.

As if that’s not enough, it’s obvious…

Any lack of action, or pure laziness will effectively decimate your rankings.  I’m talking a real death sentence here.  It’s risky for any business to maintaining their position or moving ahead unless they take action (as in now).

Let’s face it…

Considering that 93% of online encounters start with a search, getting the most out of SEO needs to be a priority to anyone.

As we plan to head into 2017, it is smart to take a look at the patterns, changes and trends from 2016 to begin to understand where we are likely heading next.

Here are a few observations that I would like to single out as especially critical.

Now get ready for 2017… and my SEO tips

Site Schema SEO

Utilizing a pattern markup is turning out to be more critical with Google.  It is also know as site schema.  It’s also my first of many SEO tips for the new year.

Now let me ask you…

Just how many articles have you read about site schema?  This this isn’t your first, your in the minority.  Congratulations!  If this is your first article, then you’re like just about everyone else.

I’m amazed that site schema isn’t discussed more.  Especially given the ramifications.  If you don’t understand schema, you are soon behind the eightball.

Let me explain.

Schema makes it simpler for web search tools to comprehend your website and webpage.  This mean that Google is trying to figure out what your website is all about.  Additionally, it helps guarantee that it is them displayed correctly (and as intended) in the results page. Mapping can likewise be especially useful especially since Google chooses to show rich answers, such as Quick Answers or a Rich Card.

You see it’s simple really…

Google is now trying to give people the answer they want in the search result itself.

Site Schema Example

Here’s a good example….

Have you noticed how looking up a current movie title now displays showtimes and theaters in your area?

Go ahead.  Give it a try.

How about googling your favorite sports team.  Just type it in.  If they are currently playing, I bet you get their current score.  If they aren’t playing chances are it will display their last final score or standings statistics.

You really need to try this if you haven’t stumbled upon this yet.  Go ahead.  I double dog dare you ;)!

Google likes to show answers that make it less demanding for clients to discover what they are searching for.

Right now, a technology called rich pieces are shown for formula and recordings, AMP articles, nearby organizations, music, surveys, and TV and films. If these aren’t your niche, this change may be coming to you soon.  Read up about it to make sure you are prepared.

Google has likewise been expanding its use of Quick Answers, developing from a little more than 22% in December 2014 to more than 40% by the start of 2016.

Site schema can help make the reason and content of your site clear, so your content is all the more engaging for users.

The bottom line is If you don’t know about schema, you should really start learning.  Then give yourself a good site audit.  More about that in the next tip.

Google RankBrain SEO

seo tips rankbrainObviously, we can not talk about SEO ranking and seo tips in 2017 without discussing RankBrain.

Since just over a year of implementation, Google’s RankBrain artificial machine learning is currently Google’s third most imperative positioning element (right behind content and links).  Marketers and SEOs need to ensure their sites are build in a way for Google’s Artificial Intelligence to decipher.

For me, that mean you absolutely need to use Google tools to see what Google thinks about your website.  One tool, in particular, is called Google Search Console.  Sign up is free (just use your gmail account or just create one) and the Search Console will analyze your website (including schema).

Search Console lets you know what Google thinks about your website.  It also lets you know if you have any obvious problems with your website too.  That’s super handy too.

The most obvious advantage, however, is getting direct insight from the Search Engine Gorilla itself – Google.  That’s priceless.

As we learn more about RankBrain, it’s safe to conclude that Search Console will stay in lockstep.  Take advantage of Google’s free tool.

Changes in SERPs

Google has been testing many changes this year with how they display SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). One change should absolutely grab your attention.

Google has been expanding the quantity of characters permitted in a portion of the title and meta depictions.

How is this important?  Allow me to explain.

This test is easy for marketers and SEO DIYers to exploit.

For the results pages that do get the additional characters, in any case, there is an open door for including more compelling text and keywords to draw individuals to their site.

Think about it.  All the search results show 50 – 60 characters, but you have 70.  You also take advantage of a third line of 100 characters in the meta description.

Now let me ask you.  Who’s search result are you going to click?  You better believe people are going to give your link a long look!

Be ahead of the curve here and you will capitalize on more clicks while you leave your competition in the dust.

To exploit these advancements, you ought to consider:

◾Continuing to use your primary keyword toward the start of your title and meta title.  This is just in case you still have the character limit.

◾Using the additional space to extend your description.

◾If your meta titles are still under 100 characters, extend them to allow for the longer description to used when it comes into effect.

You might end up being the first in your search result to get this right.

Mobile, Portable, Speed, and AMP SEO

Since Google initially went public with the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Project toward the end of 2015.  It’s pretty obvious that speed is everything to Google and ranking on Google in the future.  Even when it comes to the smart phone.

Google has come to realize that moderate load times hurt the client experience.

The ugly truth is…

Every 1 second delay in web page load time means a 7% reduction in sales conversion.

Ouch!  People just don’t like to wait.

With AMP, Google is intensifing the significance of speed in their search results.

AMP was at first developed for local news. AMP strips away additional items of a site, resulting in speedier load times. As indicated by Google, utilizing AMP can enhance stacking speeds by 15% all the way up to 85%.

Because of the AMP enhancement, it is much more imperative for websites to abbreviate their loading times. Even if you don’t use AMP, everyone expects a faster web in 2017.

To ensure you are better prepared, you should consider the following:

  • Avoiding superfluous pictures and scale down the pictures that are set
  • Do not utilize pictures that are exceptionally muddled and would require long load times
  • Keep just the fundamental treats
  • Compress your site and images

There you have it.  My SEO Tips for 2017.

Search engine optimization in 2017 is probably going to be amazingly spectacular.

Cash in by keeping up.  And don’t get overwhelmed.  Feeling overwhelmed is the fasted way to inaction.

Instead, looks at these SEO tips as opportunities.  Opportunities that your competition is not looking at or maybe not doing well.  Now you have an advantage.

Know that your time to act is now and just begin with working on your site throughout the year.  Have a good new year.

Now get to it.

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