Effective UX And Web Designs Is The Best Way To Increase Your Data.

Trends and new methods seem to be unavoidable in any type of business. However, it seems that changes are more rampant in online trades. There were times when buying .gov and .edu backlinks are the ultimate boost of a website. When social media entered the scene, buying cheap Twitter followers and Facebook likes was the fad.

Now, predictions for 2015 have been made by experts and established agencies of the trade and one common denominator is this: User Experience or UX hits the limelight for 2015.

It comes as no surprise that User Experience or UX rings relevance in evaluating quality websites. And that is probably one reason why many web masters take it for granted.

Here are a few statistics from different sources to give business owners and web masters a nudge to the right direction in web design:

  1. Web Design ranks as the number one deciding factor that convinces 48% of people of a company’s credibility.

No matter how rich and well-written the content of a website is, people will still have doubts if the articles are laid out in a substandard design.

  1. Online Reviews are regarded with as much importance as personal recommendations by 72% of the market.

It pays to have positive reviews from forum postings link back to one’s site. Social media also plays a major role in this facet. Most people do not spend time on online forums to read reviews but they sure read feedback through comments, Facebook wall posts, and Tweets from other customers. It pays to have reviews from disgruntled customers controlled and praises from the happy ones disseminated.

  1. 94% of consumers point to Web Design as the determining factor that makes them reject or mistrust a website.
  2. Websites which are mobile-friendly attract 67% of shoppers.

Online shopping is here to stay. It is only logical for businesses who want to expand their reach to begin by expanding their sites on mobile devices.

  1. Loading time plays a huge chunk in bounced rates. 40% of people exit or close a website that loads longer than 3 seconds.
  2. 64% of businesses which engineered their sites to adapt to tablets experienced growth in sales. Another 62% garnered high conversions after redesigning their websites to fit mobile phones.
  3. The colours used in the web design increases recognition of a brand by 80%. Websites using dark shades experienced 2% growth whereas the ones with lighter tones experienced 1.3% progress.
  4. Web page navigation is problematic as reported by 44% of unhappy mobile users.
  5. HTML5 is used by 27% of websites. These sites account for a total of 49% page views.
  6. Web sites with bullet points list are preferred by 70% of consumers. Only 55% of the market would venture into a website without bullet points.

These statistics from surveys and studies conducted by SME Website Statistics, Mobile User Survey, The Daily Egg, SPYDERWEB, Fifty and Fifty, and instantShift are guaranteed to make web owners reassess their emphasis on web design for 2015.

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