Ways To Succeed In Viral Marketing!

viral marketing tipsThe main idea behind viral marketing is to start something on the internet for free which can be passed from one person onto a few more, ad infinitum, until the business gets thousands of customers through one simple link, advertisement or message. A major example of this is the Harry Potter World at Universal Studios. Cindy Gordon, Vice President of new media and marketing partnerships at Universal Orlando Resort decided not to spend hundreds of millions, at least, on conventional marketing, but picked just seven fans of Harry Potter from Harry Potter websites and invited them to a midnight video online, explaining The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Within days over 350 million people knew about the new attraction – through only seven people. She saved millions on promotion, television adverts, and direct mail. The idea behind viral marketing is advertising using one or a few people to advertise your company through word of mouth with simple adverts on similar sites, registered email accounts that accept advertising and writing a free e-book or a blog.

How Viral Marketing Should Be Approached

Viral marketing works best when it is more general and superficial. This sounds like the last thing that you should do, but if you are too technical in your viral campaign, you may put off potential customers, due to too technical language or by being too specific. You should use at least a few of these strategies:

  • Can grow from small to large easily as your business grows.
  • Give something away free
  • Is easy to communicate from one person to the next, etc.
  • Take common and current interests into account.
  • Utilize existing communication networks
  • Exploit the resources of others

Something For Nothing

The main idea behind viral marketing, in order to draw people in, is to give potential customers with something that they consider worth something. The viral marketer then has to wait a while to see returns on giving products or services away. The easier the marketing message is to transfer and download, the more rapidly the message will be transmitted. The message should also be short, people do not want to read a long advert; these days people are busy and too easily distracted. The need for people to be at the forefront of anything new can be a great tool for the viral marketer.

Social networks are a perfect way to transfer information about your business, discovering which networks are the most useful for your marketing strategy.

For example, Hotmail is considered the first example of viral marketing, very simply with one person signing up to free email, sending a message from their account, and adding the short message at the bottom “Sign up for your own Hotmail account.” This viral marketing tactic was so successful that others quickly followed.

To have a successful viral campaign, the virus should show that it has value for the customer, without this it will not succeed. You should be tracking your effect on the market regularly, perhaps by counting the amount of emails that you are receiving, and multiplying this so that you have a fair idea of how quickly and how many people your message has affected. There is always the chance that the viral message may be claimed to be unsolicited email, but with correct handling this should not provide a problem. Viral marketing is a patient product. It can lay dormant for years in your system before their trigger date and then break out, rising from the selected customers, and, hopefully, being passed on to others, and so on.

The virus should be in the language of the target market so that they can relate to it and transmit it to their contacts. Chat sites are a good place to get involved, as well as looking like it belongs, and mimics genetic material, the virus will be accepted into communities.

The Main Tips For Viral Success Via Video

  • Make people think that it is not an advert. If it is thought to be an advert people will not pass it on as readily.
  • Don’t over perfect it; it will look too processed.
  • Make it easy to be remixed.
  • Do not make it too long, 30 seconds at the most.

You can then embed the viral video into blogs, forums, Facebook, MySpace, and, of course, your friends.

Viral Marketing In A Nutshell

The main idea behind viral marketing is to introduce your product or service to one person, or a select few who will then forward the product to all their contacts involuntarily, simply by sending an email (think Hotmail – the largest email provider in countries such as India and Sweden, where they do not even market their product).

You need to create a feeling in the person, either love or hate, as long as it inspires excitement. The aim is not to please everybody, but to appeal to certain target groups. It helps if you can do something unexpected, or humorous, not cool, that has been done ad infinitum. Your viral marketing should, in no way, shape or form look like an advertisement, this WILL NOT work. You just need a good story. Once people are interested, don’t leave them waiting; deliver more.

Allow sharing, putting it on their sites, sending it to friends – whatever they want to do. This is the purpose of going viral. Connect with other people; whether they have positive or negative responses, and never restrict access to your material, this is where most viral marketers fail. You should unashamedly use other companies’ websites, by giving away free articles and asking to place them in their websites. As long as you are a similar company and are providing this for free, host companies will be happy to use your article for free as it enhances their website.

As soon as you learn how to embed your message into people’s emails, and they have allowed certain emails to be sent to them, they can pass quickly through communication networks. Expect to make nothing through the viral marketing; it is what follows that will make you the money. For example YouTube encouraged people to post videos, until it became so popular that everyone wanted to buy and use a camera. The pictures themselves were the byproduct; the real market was in cameras, a huge success. If you can get your “fans” to pass on your viral message to all their friends, paying nothing for the privilege, you can reach far more people than an advertising strategy with little or no expenditure.

However with this all said, there is no guarantee that your viral marketing strategy will work, it could plummet one day, and then be released the next day and receive complete success. It may take a few times to get your company’s viral campaign to be successful, it relies a lot on luck and timing. It is worth reiterating that if you can give away something that is useful for your particular market that improves their life in some way, for free, this is a highly useful tool. Having said all this, we hope that this will be useful for your companies, and that you obtain viral marketing success, which is tantamount to success for your business, as well.

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