Facts Needs To Consider On Website Submission!

With millions of websites available and thousands more popping up every day, how can a new website emerge and find its voice?

What every domain owner should know before they submit a website is that web promotion now heavily includes link popularity. When owners submit their sites to Google, they should consider it very important that the search engine algorithms rely on relevant links building to a website in its ranking.

As any wise marketer should know, internet marketing promotion should not be held stagnant for years of waiting while hoping people will come visit the website. This is why more and more people are purchasing text links instead in the hopes of increasing link popularity. While this technique may be effective, it also proves to be highly expensive. It is not sufficient for owners to buy links. They need to purchase enough number of links to match or outrace the competitors.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to this costly tactic.

Web directory listings are a worthwhile and equally effective alternative to buying links. Here are the top three reasons why site owners should consider link submission to web directories instead:

  • Drives traffic to a website by direct referrals.
  • Gives one way inbound links to domains
  • Increases link popularity

Through these guaranteed and viable results one can expect from web directory listing submission, the search ranking of a website is sure to improve ultimately.

Because there are many different websites all with unique features and needs, the number and variety of web directories are also ample. There are site directories which are free while there are ones which owners have to pay for. Some directories have generalized services while others cater to the specific niches of the websites they service. There are also directories which offer clients their service in exchange for a reciprocal link.

What is the difference between free and paid directory listings?

Free directory submissions services may appear enticing because no money is doled out from the owner’s end. However, only site owners who are willing to wait several weeks and months should opt for it.

The plus side of a paid directory, however, is that the website is listed promptly and above everyone else’s sites.

Most people who look for paid site submission services almost automatically opt for Google PageRank’s homepage directory. Though this is a smart move, it usually involves inclusion charges which are too expensive to prove an effective listing.

Here’s a tip to consider: also look at the subpages of the directory where the link would be expected to reside.

Another common move that needs to be debunked is submitting to high-PR sites only. People are usually in a hurry to build links so they pay to build links through high-PR directories and all together avoid the low-PR ones.

Contrary to what most people think, low-PR directories can also serve loads of benefits. A directory may have low PR because it has not been around for a long time to be ranked highly by Google. However, that is not enough reason to pass it up. This type of directories actually gets the job done faster in that they submit the site quicker than their high-PR counterparts. As the new directories gain popularity, so does the links or sites that they review and listed.

Here are key questions to ask to evaluate the quality of a directory:

Is it search engine friendly?

How easy is the site submission?

How many fields do the forms cover?

Does it have specific categories for different website niches?

Remember: a PageRank is not the only thing to consider when submitting a site. The overall quality and potential are important factors, too.

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