What are some efficient ways to get targeted traffic to your website?

know your audience to get more visits

When it comes to SEO and keywords, it is a common mistake that most of the online marketers make; they try targeting everything. This technique was once successful but it is not anymore, search engines like Google and Bing are smart enough. They can distinguish quality contents from junk. So, in order to get targeted traffic to your website you need to focus on your target audience. In other words you need to identity areas where your business can grow.

Regardless of what kind of website you run, whether it is a retail website or something else, the key to success here is to find the needs of your target audience and more importantly identify where the revenue lies. We can explain this whole process in just three simple and straightforward steps which are Identify, Prioritize and Process.

Identification of target

In the first step you need to know the psychology of your audience, that includes things like;

  • What keywords and terms your target audience uses while searching for the required services or items on search engines? Knowing about those keywords and mindset of your visitor is important to get targeted traffic.
  • What are their intentions? It means whether they want to compare your products or services with other or they just want to get some information.
  • The next thing you should ask yourself; are you focusing on the exact right keywords?

There are tons of online tools and services that allow online marketers and webmasters to know about their target audience; some of the popular websites and tools are Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.

Prioritize your keywords

Now you have the complete list of all the keywords that are relevant to your business and which you need to focus on. It is time to prioritize some keywords. Of course not all keywords are equally important and not all keywords have equal influence. Similarly, not all keywords are equally easy or difficult to rank. To get targeted traffic, you need to prioritize keywords that have more potential than others.

The term “target audience” refers to narrowed demographic that is more interested in your products or service than rest of the visitors. It means you need to use your resources on that particular group to get higher conversion rate. According to some industry experts and online marketers who have been doing it for years, long-tail keywords usually have more potential because they target a specific group.

There are some online services and website that help you prioritize your keywords and get targeted traffic to your website. Some of the common and widely used services are Google Correlate and Merge Words. On the other hand, you can see what your competitors are targeting by using services like SEMRush and Google Keyword Planner.


Now you have all the information and data you need to take necessary actions; you need to do content marketing, positioning, retargeting and personalization to get targeted traffic. As mentioned above, you should focus on long tail keywords regardless of their relatively low search volume because of two reasons; first of all, shorter and popular keywords are more difficult to rank for because of the high competition. And second, long tail keywords allow you to target your audience in a better way.

Other than producing quality contents on your website, you also need to focus on titles and meta description because adding keywords to your titles and meta description can make a huge difference and help you get targeted traffic.

How to use YouTube to get targeted traffic?

We all know the importance of social media and social networks when it comes to targeting audience and interestingly YouTube is a limitless source of website traffic but it is a crowded place where millions of new videos appear every day. Amazingly, many online marketers have discovered the secret of using YouTube to get targeted traffic on their website and here are some tips and tricks that can help you in this regard.

  • Google and other search engines are now smarter than ever but they still cannot watch videos and understand them. It means the only way to describe your videos to search engines is to write everything in the description. Of course you cannot possibly write a super-long title but you can write a long description to help search engines understand your contents.
  • Ranking your videos on YouTube is way easier than doing the same on search engines like Google. However Google gives highly ranked videos a certain edge in SERP results so before you decide the title of your video, check that title and keywords on Google to see what kind of results come up.

Even if you are doing everything right, you must understand that SEO is a long term strategy. However by narrow your target audience down, you can increase your chances to get targeted traffic on your website. On the other hand, many marketing strategies have “short term” benefits that are not worthy enough.

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