What is Search Engine Optimization? 10 Things you still don’t know about SEO and Google PR

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Search engines have been evolving continuously for last couple of years and that why SEO practices go out of trend after some time. Online marketers have to keep their skills up to date in order to compete with their competitors and more importantly to deliver results. Following are some latest trends of 2015 that you must know about Google PR and SEO.

Content is important

Although search engines and their behavior toward websites have changed dramatically over the last couple of years but there is one thing that is still there and that is unlikely to change ever; search engines love contents. There are many reasons behind this; first of all, high quality contents attract readers, Google and other search engines can detect a high quality piece of articles and they give it weight that ultimately increases your Google PR.

The additional benefit of contents is high quality links. Getting backlink from a high quality website is only possible via posting high quality contents there. Those backlinks can put significant impact on the overall ranking of the website. People who love reading excellent contents also love sharing them on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Because of the high authority of these websites and more importantly because of the high quality backlinks, this could pay off with higher Google PR.

“Top 10” and “Best” lists are important too

Interestingly when search engines like Google find your website among a list where other similar items, products or services are present (probably most of them are your competitors) it understands you belong to that specific niche or industry. It gives you authority and weight, so in order to increase your Google PR you must be a part of some kind of “top 10” list.

You can use search engines to find whether your website is among lists or not, if you are not there then ask the publisher to add your website too. Of course you need to give them a reason to include you too so prepare for that beforehand.

Broken links

You can help online marketers, publishers and web masters to fix their broken links. This is a win-win situation where publishers get the benefit of avoiding headache to find broken links to enhance readers’ experience and you get the advantage of getting backlinks in return. Your proposed contents must be good enough to be a replacement for the lost contents.

First of all, use online tools and services to find broken links in your niche. There are tons of free and paid tools available so it shouldn’t be an issue. After that you can contact relevant web masters with those broken links and your proposed contents. It is an effective but not so easy technique that online marketers all over the globe use as a strategy to increase their Google PR.

Competitors Analysis

There is nothing new about this strategy as online marketers and web masters have been doing this for years. Interestingly, it is not only associated with the internet but companies and organizations have been doing it for decades. Competitors’ analysis gives you insight on their strategies and planning so you can plan your next move accordingly. By analyzing what KWs your competitors are using and from where they are getting their backlinks.

Go for the target audience

The days of keyword stuffing are long gone and sooner you realize that the better; now search engines like Bing and Google are smart enough to separate high quality contents from junk. They know which contents are adding value to the community and which contents are just lying there to get search engines’ attention. It means you have to focus on the target audience and their needs.

You must know what your visitors want to see and want to read so you can provide them those relevant contents. Of course visitors coming from other websites can put positive effects on your Google PR but people who visit your website directly by putting the URL in the browser worth more.

Focus on Yahoo and Bing too

Although a majority of the online marketers and web masters only focus on Google when it comes to website optimization and that makes sense too as Google has the significant share of the entire search industry but that trend has been changing slowly. Now Yahoo and Bing are also taking a place; Yahoo is the default search engine for many browsers including Firefox and Safari.

Of course many people prefer Google but being the default search engine for two most popular browsers give Yahoo and edge over other browsers. It is time for online marketers and web masters to give importance to these search engines as they can make a difference. Optimizing your website for other search engines than Google only gives your benefits so there is no harm in doing that.

Don’t ignore mobile devices

No doubt mobile is the future; neglecting the importance of mobile devices is one of the worst mistakes that you can make. It is important for websites to have a mobile presence and more importantly they should have mobile marketing strategies to hold their ground in terms of Google PR. Some experts and online marketers even suggest that the mobile SEO should be the center of your SEO planning and strategies.

So if you want to focus on your main website then make sure your mobile website is optimized accordingly. Unfortunately, managing mobile SEO is quite tricky and studies suggest that you could lose up to 68% traffic because of incompatible configurations. It is mainly because of many mobile platforms, browsers and form factor. For example a website could run perfectly on a mobile device but may fail on a tablet; it is your job to avoid those errors and mishaps.

Users are important

Regardless of what you sell or what kind of website you have, it is all about user experience. Of course the basics of SEO and Google PR revolve around KWs but it comes down to users and user experience. It means KWs should not be your main focus but users should be. You need to know what your users and visitors want, what information they want to access and what they are looking for.

Backlinks from news sites are valuable

Backlinks are valuable, we all know that but what the majority of people don’t know is the importance of news websites when it comes to backlinks. There are many different ways to get backlinks from news sites; press releases and branding are some of the most common and effective strategies. Other than that, you can also go for forums and community involvement.

Be creative

That’s the key to this whole process; you have to be creative to compete with the competitors. Your readers and visitors not only want to read information but they want interesting contents. You can use graphics and infographics to get their attention; these are the most commonly used and highly effective ways. Other than that, you can also use embedded tweets, videos, games, polls, social sharing widgets and quizzes to engage them on a deeper level.

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