Know More About Viral Marketing?

viral marketingViral marketing has become the essential tool for online success, but the popularity of the term has diluted the practical value of the word’s definition. At its most basic level, viral marketing is an algorithm that promotes the public awareness of a brand or slogan through public awareness and self-replicating marketing processes that spread throughout the online world in a similar vein of a computer virus which infects one group of people, and then is spread through each individual as they become a carrier for the message, slogan or promotion of the brand in question. Viral marketing primarily utilizes ‘word of mouth’ techniques that are designed to rely on the cost effective marketing approach of targeting a specific and receptive audience of users who will then spread word of their discovery themselves, effectively creating an enormous and saturating marketing campaign with marginal effort.

Working smarter, not harder, is the key to viral marketing success. The pertinent targeting of an audience that will not only accept the brand or message, but relay it to others, is more important than the spending hundreds of thousands of dollars that other industries use to inundate the marketplace with billboards, ads and advertisers. These new forms of marketing can take place in a variety of platforms, from ebooks, Flash games, videos, text messages, emails, images, blogs and even web pages, and can communicate with users overtly or covertly. The most important aspect of viral marketing involves incentivizing the users through social networking or promotional deals in order to facilitate their spreading of your message, but this part of the process is a delicate tightrope, and have resulted in there are many more examples of failures in viral marketing than successes.

The good news about this competitive form of marketing comes from the natural innovative values of marketing in the online word, leveling the playing field with the power of creativity serving as a foundational platform for viral marketing. The innovation in the form and functions of a viral marketing campaign has been responsible for many success stories spanning the gamut from businesses to websites and television shows. Even modern Hollywood movies use viral marketing as well, engaging the public with games to uncover new information about the plot, cast, crew and on set photographs that incentivize people to both become engaged in the process and work to engage others. Tent-pole movies with millions of dollars in pre-established traditional marketing still launch extensive viral marketing campaigns that often see more success and saturation than traditional venues, raising a question of whether or not viral marketing might soon usurp the standard billboards and advertisements of bygone days.

At the end of the ‘marketing day’, the goal of viral marketers is to engage the audience with viral-oriented messages that not only appeal to their target audience, but those members within that audience will frequent social media platforms, social networking sites, and other venues that increase the probability of your viral message being passed through them and into other audience members. The chances are high that most people who use the internet frequently have willingly or unwillingly participated in viral marketing before, either in the role of the marketer or the ‘carriers’ of the viral message that subsequently ‘infect’ other people and interest them in the product. Viral marketing is a vast interconnected process using the social prospects of the internet for a monetary advantage.

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