Adwords Editor V.11 is Believe To Have a Huge Impact on Google.

Since its first launch in 2006, Google AdWords has been relentlessly used by both pros and novices who want to make a name on the internet.

Google keywords have helped bloggers, forum masters, and website owners to bring the right people to their sites. Even though a lot of keyword tools have popped up online over the years, Google AdWords still remain to be one of the authorities in searching for the most popular keywords one can use for a site.

Over the past months, Google has rolled out a succession of tools designed to help the most sophisticated advertisers in the internet. The tools were especially crafted with the aim to reduce the hours spent on campaign management and to make workflow less complicated.

Authorities from Google also mentioned that since its debut nine years ago, the Google AdWords Editor Version 11 is the biggest one yet. The giant search engine promised its users that the keywords search tool has been redesigned from top to bottom. The well-loved features have been enhanced while new ones have been added.

Aside from the new visual design and quicker interface, what are the key elements to be expected from the new Google AdWords tool?

Check out these vital features:

The Ability to Manage Items and Accounts, Side by Side

Google authorities understand that multitasking is crucial. That’s why Google AdWord’s newest version has the capacity to open multiple tabs at once. This means advertisers and other users can open a tab for their keyword list while another one is open to view or create their ads. This feature will provide faster and easier navigation. Now, users no longer have to switch or load a different page whenever they create campaigns.

This feature also makes it possible to open different windows for different accounts. This way, users no longer need to sign out and log in again whenever working on different accounts. Users can arrange the windows side by side and just drag and drop or copy and paste items to make creation and management of campaigns simple. The accounts manager of the new AdWords also makes it possible to download data and monitor status of different accounts.

The Ability to Search Faster

It’s been known that when users want to do keyword research, they turn to AdWords for its comprehensive search results. But now, Google is gearing up to be known not only for detailed results but also for fast searching time.

Type Lists is a new feature in AdWords version 11 that allows searching without the need of multiple tabs. This way, users can search for keywords while simultaneously access their campaigns, go to other advanced features, and even navigate to settings.

The new Advanced Search Bar has also been improved so that multiple filters and criteria have been added. There is also an option to save popular search results to be used in the future. Keyboard shortcuts have also been enabled for both MAC and Windows users once their desired key words or phrases have been spotted.

The Ability to Do More and Choose More

Google AdWords creators are aware that large-scale changes are inevitable as users endeavour to edit and update their campaigns. For this reason, the Advance Multi-Select option has been designed to simplify viewing and updating large portions of an account.

Other features which allow users to perform different and multiple tasks on a large scale are the Shared Library and Make Multiple Changes tools.

In order to help users ease into this upgrade, Google promised continued support for the older versions of AdWords for a few more months.

With its faster, simpler, and more advanced design, Google AdWords v.11 has changed the old ways of how to conduct keyword research. The tool recognizes not only the importance of keyword research but also the ability to multitask while doing so.

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