Why Local SEO is Not Lost: This Year’s Local Search Techniques Revealed by Experts

Google algorithm may not be the be-all and end-all of SEO, but it sure is a giant influence in the SEO industry. This web of influence reaches through local search, as many veterans of the trade share their take in Google’s recent algorithm change.

Recent Updates Sheds a New Light on Local SEO

Web masters and businesses need to start optimizing Pigeon whether they like Google’s algorithm update or not. This update relevant, more useful, and targeted local search results which are closely tied to the conventional web search rank signals. Google has declared the new algorithm to have enhance their location and distance ranking factors.

Another curved ball that businesses and web masters have received from Google is its drop of the Local Carousel for various business types. The giant search engine is now making use of an expanded 3-pack in the place of the Carousel.

The recent update of Google My business guidelines also spelled out an important shift for local and international businesses alike. Now, Google has disabled the option to add a description to business names, prohibited virtual offices, and cracked category selections down.

What Long-Term Changes Businesses Should Expect from the Updates

With Pigeon, Google is emphasizing the local search impact on the whole SEO industry. Here are the accumulated tactics the experts of the trade have to coin in:

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  • Make location pages well-written and unique
  • Optimize the Google My Business listing of the company
  • Aim for more positive reviews in GMB listing as well as other third-party websites
  • Create local content for the business’s blog
  • Make use of high-quality links
  • Utilize social media for a better user interaction
  • Make web content interesting, up-to-date, and informative but maximize the use of local signals
  • Incorporate the city or state in the title tag
  • Include the city or state in the H1 heading
  • Incorporate the city or state in the content as frequently but intelligently as possible
  • Enclose the city and state in the alt text on images
  • Incorporate the city or state in the website URL


The update in Google algorithms also had web masters rally around to share the pitfalls they think which should be avoided at all costs. These are the basic errors every business owners should steer clear from:

1. The Absence of Home Page Content

Both customers and search engines want to know what a site is about almost immediately. If the home page of one’s business site only shows a banner and the description is only sparse, the company should do something about it at once.

2. Keyword Spamming

There used to be a time when marketers and web masters would tuck as many keywords as possible in a content that does not really make sense. The tactic of utilizing multiple keywords separated only by a comma to trick search engine bots is already so outdated that anyone who still practice it gets penalized. This technique was crafted with the hopes of getting higher ranks but it does the exact opposite. Not only do search engines ban these websites, it also irritates internet users.

3. Insufficient Product Description

As more and more channels and devices enter the scene of online business transactions, users also become wiser – and more impatient. Now, users demand immediate information and may tend to click away and find more descriptive sites when they find a vague one.
That is why business owners and advertisers need to equip their sites with as much relevant and useful information as possible. This info also needs to be written in such a way as to call the users into action.

4. Poorly Constructed Title Tags

Title tags should be used to give a brief but well-written summary of what the page is about. It should not be a jumble of key words that owners throw in to rank high in search engines.
Google’s algorithm updates as well as the number of researches and predictions made for the coming year have given a clear message to business owners and advertisers. The key to emerge in the local search and the SEO trade now is not to aim for higher ranking but to make one’s site as awesome as possible.

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