Reasons Why You Should Invest In .Edu Back Links!

Dubbed as the cream of the crop of the SEO industry, back links coming from edu websites are a viable investment for your business.

There have been many speculations that edu backlinks are powerful because Google regard these types of links as having greater weight to rank sites. Although this has not been openly acknowledged by Google authorities, there is no denying that backlinks from edu domains are of high quality.

Just having a .edu domain is enough to make a website authoritative and solid. Having backlinks to your website from this grandfathered domains give your own a boost of influence.

How to find Opportunities for Building Backlinks from edu Sites

By using the modifier .edu to find for the appropriate sites, you can easily spot the opportunities for edu back linking.

Start Out from Local Link Building

The good thing about .edu domains is they are not associated to bad links to keep their reputation high authority. This also means this kind of domains do not easily hand out back links. Thus even if you seek out local sites but have .edu domains, your back links will still have high authority.

Seek out the websites of local colleges or schools and see if there are sections for Local Business or Local Resources in their web pages. Some websites even have more industry-specific links. See if any of these links pertain to your niche. Reach out to the school or the site manager and ask if you can be enlisted.

Of course, other colleges may not be too keen to this idea to protect their online image. What you can do is offer special deals to the staff or students of the school. More than giving them good deals, it also empowers their name on your own site or company.

Take note that Google penalizes sites which pay for back links. You can avoid this by offering discounts to the staff of the colleges that will back link you in their sites. This strategy works well with local businesses. For e-commerce domains, you need to decide how many schools you can include for this technique.

Interview or Feature Prominent Faculty or High-Achieving Students

Another way for edu sites to let you link on their domains is by interviewing or featuring their staff or students in your web page. Schools find it a high honour when their staff or students are mentioned in prominence. This boosts up the school morale and announce an achievement that they want to showcase in their site.

Host the interview in your site so that the colleges can link to it when they will announce it to their domain. The faculty, students, and their parents can visit your website to check out the interview.

Increase the relevancy scale by making sure that this is associated to your niche. If you host a news website, you can interview high-achieving student journalists. If your business relates to music, interview a professor that teaches your niche.

Put Up a Careers or Jobs Page

Another offer you can propose to build links through edu sites is by creating a Careers or Job Opportunities page in your website.

Target colleges and universities to encourage staff and students to promote and bring traffic to your website. This move will hit two birds with one stone: you already need a Careers page, why not set it up in a way that will build backlinks from edu domains?

It is not enough that these back links are driven by edu domains. Assess if the sites are of good quality and most importantly, if they are pertinent to your niche.


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