Winning in Natural Search Engine Optimization

How can you measure the rate of success from the work you put in into search engine optimization? Will Watching the views rise up from buying cheap website traffic enough? Will impressions tracked on your statistics counter equal conversion? Until when will the company make use of buying traffic until it can get traffic to the website without doing so?

It is the long term goal of a business to be able to afford organic traffic on its own. Although it is imperative to keep putting in the hard work for page optimization, it is also important to rate the success of natural search engine optimization.

The obvious answer would be to measure the ROI or return on investment of the business. However for the majority of online businesses, it is quite complicated to evaluate the ROI unless a direct-to-sales shop is involved.

Search is heavily reliant on algorithms that are constantly evolving. Because of this, it is not advisable to look for an absolute answer when it comes to rating the success of a company’s search optimization. What works today may be banned tomorrow. What is considered of little value today may be the face of SEO the coming year.

To Rate the Success of Search, Update the Definition of Search

Because search is a moving target, it is also a must to keep updating one’s notion of what search is all about. Here are helpful guidelines in determining what search success is about:

  • The company must come up with a strategy of choice about the meaning of search success

Working with different agencies and a third-party search engine optimization company may result to a multitude of various and sometimes contrasting ideas about what successful search is. Some companies may prefer efficiency and a concrete evidence of steady conversion to rate the success of search optimization. For other companies, it might mean putting emphasis on brand influence and social media prominence.

  • The company must resolve where it wants to invest and how much it is willing to risk

It is quite tempting to put investments here and there to keep on the safe side. The company can pay for press release to get the news out. It can hire professional web content writers for article marketing. It can pay for .edu and gov backlinks or purchase website traffic from reliable sources. Or it can just focus on web development so that it can win over visitors through its sleek web interface and advanced design.

Whatever the company decides to put its investment in, it will do better to focus on one facet to improve search and work from there. Giving portions of investment in different aspects may be doable but it is expensive in terms of both money and time.

How to Make Sure You are Working with the Best SEO Companies

Some businesses prefer to delegate search engine optimization work to search engine marketing companies. If your company hires SEO help to boost the business on top of SERPs, you need to closely monitor that your business goals are met.

SEO has become an independent trade of its own right and substandard companies have littered the market over the course of years. In order to steer clear from such companies and ensure you get the best SEO consultancy, bring up the following key points to your SEO optimization company:

Is the company currently present in SERPs?

Determine the current impressions of the company’s website. Ask your local SEO company about your current impression share and find out if it is on an increasing rate.

What is the company getting from its impressions?

How many clicks does the website get from the impression it’s getting? Ask the SEO specialists what campaigns of your business are delivering results.

Take note that not every campaign will generate CTRs. This is especially true for the coverage kind of accounts where CTRs may not be a significant metric. However, CTRs are important signals which tell if the ad company and the corresponding landing page engage the visitors.

For low CTRs, inquire as to what is contributing to its low rating. Find out if it is because of ambiguous content, budget constraints, or the quality of ad copy.

What can the business do to win in search?

Sometimes even with the combined efforts of the company and SEO experts, its search rank is not showing any progress. It could be because of algorithm changes, user disconnection from the page content, or other digital campaigns like social platforms and PRs.

Whatever the reason may be, work with your SEO company to find out how the business can remedy the situation and rise above the challenge presented.

Some businesses are easily swayed by statistics and the past work of their SEO companies especially if such companies have worked with high profile clients. But just because a search marketing company was instrumental to a popular brand does not mean it can bring you the same success. Search success is relevant for every business. The key is to have a clear definition of what it means for your company and build your search engine optimization efforts from there.



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