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Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about this PageRank checker?

Google doesn’t seem to have a predictable pattern for updates; all public toolbar updates are made at their discretion. Typically, the time between updates is 3-6 months, with the longest delay inbetween updates being 9 months. The last PageRank update was on February 4th, 2013 (last checked March 10th, 2013)

How often is Google PageRank updated?

Our PageRank checker is powered by AJAX, a programming technology used to load javascript asynchronously. This translates to PageRank lookups can be done automatically without interfering with the display of your current page. Simply type in your URLs into the form and our application will do the rest.

We have also elminated the need for captchas, making your lookups much faster and less frustrating.

What is Website Worth and why should I use it?

Website worth is an estimated value based on the U.S. dollar for your website. Our algorithm uses a wide variety of factors when calculating a dollar amount for a website, including daily visitors, daily page views, Pagerank, Alexa rank, overall backlinks count, domain name, domain extension and many more. You can simply increase your website worth by increasing any of these ranking factors.

This is an extremely valuable metric to demonstrate your site’s overall value and help sell your websites to other webmasters.

What is Page Authority and why should I use it?

Page Authority is a numerical ranking from 1 to 100 (created by SEOmoz) that displays the overall ranking strength prediction of a single page on a website. A score of 100 would be the strongest score possible.

Since Page Authority updates more frequently than other ranking algorithms, this ranking metric is useful for predicting the strength of a single page before future rankings are applied.

What is Alexa Rank and why should I use it?

Alexa Rank is a numerical score for your website from based on total visits and a number of other ranking parameters, including pageviews and frequency of visits from users with the Alexa toolbar installed. The lower the ranking number, the better (#1 is the highest possible rank and considered the top website in the world).

This is one of the most valuable ranking tools and is considered one of the most accurate methods to measure overall value and marketing potential between competitive websites.

What is PageRank and why should I use it?

Google PageRank is a link analysis algorithm developed by Google, Inc. It is used to measure the amount of links a page has to determine it’s relative importance. The higher the PageRank a URL has, the higher it’s authority is with Google. PageRank is one of the few factors that webmasters can use to determine the strength of a web page. If a website has a high PageRank, chances are it has a large amount of strong inbound links to fuel it, and Google has ranked the site appropriately.

Why should you use it? Google lets you check public PageRank data to see how much trust they have placed in a website. Webmasters often use PageRank to see how their website’s link authority is growing. PageRank is updated every 3-6 months at Google’s discretion, and therefore should not be used as a definitive way to judge the trust of a website; it only gives us an idea of the website’s authority and link power based on Google’s algorithm.

What is SEMrush Rank and why should I use it?

SEMrush is a valuable tool that uses unique data to rank websites among competitors based on dozens of marketing-related parameters. Some of these parameters include search engine traffic, ad costs, ad keywords, ad traffic, number of organic search results and potential advertisers.

Over time, SEMrush has become one of the most popular website ranking components for all webmasters to include in their toolbox. The sheer diversity of unique marketing and advertising statistics considered in the overall SEMrush ranking is unmatched and should not be overlooked.

What is SEOmoz Rank (MozRank) and why should I use it?

MozRank is a website metric on a scale from 1 to 10 (created by SEOmoz) based purely on link popularity. Quality and quantity of inbound links are considered and balanced to determine an accurate popularity ranking for your site (10 being the highest possible score).

Most webmasters can testify that MozRank is the best way to represent the external linking quality of a website and can even predict other future metrics such as Google Pagerank.


If you are looking for high quality backlinks or cheap website visitors for your site then visit website traffic. To learn more about PageRank visit wikipedia: PageRank. would like to thank all of the open source contributors whom make our service possible:

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