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Get High Pagerank Domain Backlinks to Blast Your SERPs Real Quick!

Are you wasting your time purchasing thousands of low page rank links?  Do you know that just one PR 5 is equivalent to more than 2000 PR 0-1 backlinks?

Do you know that if spend your time blasting out to get hundreds to thousands of backlinks weekly it may look unnatural to the search engines who may penalize your site, especially if its spanking new?

How much do you think is the cost of a high PR backlink in the market?  Well, some vendors are actually renting PR 8 backlinks for $240 per month.  Others selling a PR5 for $48.  Just one!

Here we offer you a whole lot more for a whole lot less.  How much?  Less than a dollar per high PR link, and not just any PR5 – we are talking about PR 8′s and PR 9′s.  And not all from a few sites – but all from different sites to make the search engines happy about the diversity.

Its not some scrapebox blast that will raise red flags, but slow and steady manual-built links.  That is why the delivery takes about 2 weeks.  We apologize in advance but you will be thanking us when the search engines like the “natural-ness” of the link building and reward you with nice ranking jumps.

We don’t just sell the stuff – we actually use our own ‘medicine’.  How else did you find this site???


  • Get 20 x PR9 backlinks from 20 different sites
  • Great diversity which looks good and natural to the search engines
  • Mixture of sources such as social networks, web 2.0 profiles, edu’s etc
  • Your links will be among the most authoritative and respected on the planet
  • All links are manually created for the natural effect (we need to advise you that our service takes longer than most conventional services because we use manual process and have a long queue of customers)
  • Boost your rankings in Google and other search engines


“Excellent Job!  Perfect as always!” - Carey Matthews Jr.

“Good mix of links and some already indexed!” – Md bin Talib

“I know the difficulty involved in creating high PR links – Excellent job!” – Janis Stronberg

“I must commend you for the job welldone. Am very satisfied with your work” – Mark Phil


Important Notes:

  • Adult sites not allowed
  • Delivery 12 days for BASIC and 15 days for PRO/PRO-PLUS (guideline only)

How to Build Links To A Website

Do you know what a back link is? Do you know how to use link building in your search engine marketing campaigns and strategies?

A back link or anchor link is best described as a live URL that points back to your website with related keyword used as the text of the URL. The practice of link building to a website, blog, article, press release, social profiles, local directory websites, videos, or any other web property; all help with increasing a websites organic search engine rankings within major search engine result pages (SERP). In order to properly build quality links to a website or web property, you should first understand the different types of backlinks and how to use them in your campaigns.

The Different Types of Back Links

Inbound back links- are links that point directly back to any of your web properties, that in turn , point back to your website. This allows search engines to crawl your website as major search engines discover new sites and content via anchor links on established web properties, websites, and web services.

One way backlinks- they pass page rank and link juice to web properties. These types of anchor links are used for directing search engine crawlers “one way” to follow these  links back to your website, blog, social profile, media release or press release, videos, web 2.0 properties, do follow social bookmarking profiles, local directories, established web directories, and / or any other web property.

Reciprocal backlinks- this type of backlinking is the act of basically exchanging links between different websites and web properties. The phrase, “I’ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine” theory should help with explaining what a reciprocal back link is. This method is not as popular with search engines as it used to be back in the day because they see this as artificially boosting the page authority.

Do Follow Backlinks- this is the act of building links to your website or web properties by using other websites, web properties, and web services that allow the passing of pagerank and link juice from their website to your website or other web property. This type of link building is known to be the most powerful way of garnering other web properties exposure with search engines for your own website or web properties benefit.

No Follow Backlinks- these are basically the opposite definition of what a DoFollow back link is. This type of link building is not as powerful as DoFollow contextual backlinks, but are still considered important as part of a well rounded and successful link building campaign

Authority Back Links- these are generated from high traffic and high PR established websites and web properties. Authority backlinks are typically on websites that have a high page rank of 6 or above, can be on an educational or government websites (.edu back links & .gov backlinks), or on any other web property that can be perceived as an authority website or web property that has an established presence with a healthy back link portfolio and established website history.

How To Build Links and High PR Back Links

When it comes to link building, there are only so many channels to consider. Within these said channels are numerous types of websites, web properties, and web services that can be used for building a diversified and high PR backlink profile for your website. Listed below are the following best ways that most website owners use to increase their search engine rankings for their targeted keywords while driving traffic to their websites and web properties.

Article Writing, Article Submissions, and Article Marketing for Article Back Links

This method of link building is one variation of content marketing. This is where you write an article with article backlinks, that is related to your industry which will then be used for submission to a handful of established article directories. NOTE- Be careful when submitting articles and content to these article directory websites, there are a large number of flagged article directory sites that would only end up hurting your link building portfolio. Submitting articles to flagged article websites along with submitting one piece of content all over the web will ultimately hurt your search engine rankings for the keywords you are working on along with your website possibly being flagged or de-listed from SERPS.

Blog Backlinks and Forum Backlinks For Your Link Building Network

Create your own off site blogs, forum profiles, and blogging profiles on popular blogging websites to add and integrate your new content,  videos, and social following all to increase the amount of blog backlinks to your web properties. On top of being able to create your own blog back links, blog profiles, an forum profiles; you will also be able to search other blogs and leave comments with blog comment backlinks on these platforms. This further allows you to build additional and diversified inbound back links to your web properties. Another popular form of building blog back links from established blogs is by searching down and contacting established blog owners and website owners that are willing to accept guest blog posts.

Web 2.0 Websites and Web 3.0 Websites

 These types of sites are similar to blogging sites and blogging platforms. A couple of examples of these types of sites to build back links on and even generate a little money from while doing so are as follows – ,,, . Be advised that Squidoo and HubPages only accept original and unique content to their sites. Meaning you can only upload the articles you plan on using on these sites for these sites alone.

Another tip for building contextual backlinks with these types of sites is that you can only link to your actual website one time. Be advised that you should use the sites to build links to you outbound or off site blogs, social media profiles, Web 3.0 websites (vice versa), press and media about your company, videos, local directory listings, and any other web property that fits into your link building campigns.

Hi PR Backlinks from Press Release Websites, News Wire Services, and Media Outlet Websites

This form of building link popularity for a web property is a very powerful link building strategy for authority anchor links and for high quality link building wikipedia. The way this link building channel works is as follows-  you write a press release, announcement, or news story/opinion in a third person perspective, while keeping in mind that this type of content will be reviewed for approval by mainstream media channels and media outlets. This form of writing is a little more technical than a simple article and should be written by a professional press release writing company for maximum effectiveness of this particular link building channel.

After writing your press release, you will need to use a quality and professional press release distribution service to syndicate your press release to a large number of news websites, TV station websites, local newspaper websites, popular blogs, and a number of other mainstream web properties. This allows for a wide array of authority backlinks pointing back to your website, blogs, social profiles, and the press release itself.

Social Link Building and Social Signals/ Social Citations

By creating new accounts on popular social media networks, you can usually end up with a social profile backlink on your social profile pages. Moreover, utilizing social media sites to further share and syndicate your content, news, videos, websites, web properties, and related industry info all help with diversifying your backlink profile. Furthermore, you will be leveraging the social factor from these popular social media networks that search engine crawlers and algorithms seem to be paying particular attention to these days. Social signals and social citations tagged to your web properties, content, and links all help with increasing your page rank, SERPs, and website traffic according to new SEO industry guidelines.

Video Creation and Video Submissions for Your Link Building Network

By creating and submitting your own videos to video website directories and video search engine websites like Youtube, Metacafe, you can also further diversify your back link profile and inbound links portfolio. Creating a complete profile on these video directories, on top of submitting videos that are properly tagged with related keywords and backlinks, will all help with driving search engine crawlers and live traffic to your websites, blogs, social profiles, and other web properties that you link to.

Every website owners link building techniques will vary as each website and business is unique to it’s own market, vertical, location, and varying competition. The sooner you get started with your diversified backlink profile the better. As  these days it takes time for search engine crawlers to crawl websites and update their index for new search engine keyword placements and new keyword rankings.

Increasing your keyword ranking practically overnight never happens let alone getting to the number one spot in major search engines for the keywords you are working on. This all takes time, effort, and money as with any business investment. Get started today!