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Article Writing Services

Getting the right content for your website is tough because most writers are not experienced in keyword usage resulting in spamming and awkward sentence structures that either get your site canned or customers cringing. When that happens you can forget about building your traffic and obtaining leads.

Badly worded website content which may contain extensive amounts of keyword spamming can derail your most expensive and extensive SEO efforts.

Even if you get away with it now, the next manual review when your site is reaching for the heavens will send it crashing down to earth.

So make sure you have professionals working on this for you. We make sure that the articles are well-written, thoughtful and niche-specific. Your keywords will be nicely nestled within grammatically correct sentences so you will score for both SERPs and customer experience. Get your site optimized correctly today – so you don’t have to worry about penalties and can look forward to your SEO efforts paying dividends.

We are providing our Best Selling SEO Article Writing Team at your service.  Articles are only written by experienced native English speaking writers.  NO spun, NO rewritten, NO space-filling gibberish – only HIGH QUALITY, ORIGINAL, COPYSCAPE-PASSED content. Over 7000 orders and counting.

Some testimonials include

“SUPER JOB – its my 100th order and I still love it!”

“Really fantastic job”

“Exactly what I was looking for.”Perfect as usual”

“Really professionally done. I’m so used to low cost jobs being spun or done by a non-native English writer but this one, boy, was FAST, WELL WRITTEN!”


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- Delivery 5 days for small orders, up to 20 days for large orders (guideline only)
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Why Should I Get An SEO Firm To Write My Website Content

The purpose of every website is to get more visibility, outreach and traffic so the website can facilitate the branding, marketing, sales and growth of a business. To create such a website, you ought to make the most of search engine optimization. For a website to be optimized and for it to attain a high search engine result page ranking, you have to rely on SEO articles.

You can create or write your own SEO articles or you can hire an SEO firm to do it for you. SEO articles are textual contents that target certain keywords and compete with other websites and website contents to get to a desirable first page ranking on search engines. A lot depends on the quality of SEO articles and they can alone drive the rank of your website and thus influence the chances of getting more exposure and attaining more traffic.

Here are just three reasons why you should hire an SEO firm to write your website content, aka SEO articles.

Efficient Keyword Research & Effective Keyword Density

The primary difference between a normal article and SEO articles is that the latter targets specific words or phrases, which are also known as keywords. You may be aware that keywords are simply those words or phrases that users enter on search engines to look for information or specific websites.

Any business would target certain keywords. To do so, you need to indulge in keyword research. An SEO firm has the state of the art keyword research tools and the company would also have specialists that can identify the kind of keywords that your business should target. There may be dozens of keywords relevant to your business and thus relevant to your website. However, not all keywords would be popular and you also cannot possibly target all keywords. For instance, if you have a dental practice then the kind of keywords you would think of being relevant to your business are ‘dentist’, ‘dental clinic’ or ‘best dentist’. There can be many more keywords such as ‘orthodontist’, ‘cosmetic dentist’, ‘root canal treatments’, ‘dentist in (the city or town you are based in)’, ‘cheapest dentist’, ‘best dentist’ and many such phrases.

It is only by the virtue of keyword research that you can identify the most effective keywords which will help your website to gain the desirable rank on search engines.

The SEO firm would not only conduct thorough keyword research but would also take an expert call on the keyword density that would be desirable in your SEO articles. How many times would you use a certain keyword or how many different keywords you would use in one article? How should the keyword density be adhered to and what kind of variances of the keywords can you have? These are just some of the technical aspects of SEO articles that one has to deal with.

An SEO firm would be far better equipped and specialized to attend to keyword research and keyword density. Since SEO articles can determine the success or failure of your online marketing strategies, it is always desirable to get them written by experts.

The Outline & Relevance Of SEO Articles

SEO articles cannot be outlined like normal articles. You cannot have an introduction, several paragraphs as the body and then a paragraph as conclusion. The conventional outline of an article doesn’t work because the objective of SEO articles is relevance and technical superiority over others. It is not in contention for the literary merits but is assessed for its readability, information, relevance and keyword optimization. Thereon, it is ranked on the basis of traffic and popularity among internet users.

When an SEO firm works on your SEO articles, they would know what kind of title or heading would be most effective in grabbing attention from search engines, how many subheadings would have to be used and how the keywords would have to be placed and the expert writers would know how to use meta descriptions and word counts apart from using keywords organically in the SEO articles.

SEO articles calls for a blend of art and science. You have to be a writer and understand the technicalities of SEO which is not a very easy skill to master.

Website Optimization

The purpose of SEO articles do not get accomplished when they have been written and are ready to be uploaded on to a website. An SEO firm would know to place the SEO articles in the right places on the website which would attract the maximum attention and thus traffic. Naming every webpage tactically to target the keywords and to establish the relevance of the SEO articles is also necessary. You cannot have a webpage with URL The Page 1234 has to be the title of content on the page or a relevant heading that sums up the SEO articles present on the webpage. Creating links within the SEO articles, creating a navigable website with an easy sitemap and having an efficient link wheel in place are also integral to website optimization.

As you would notice, website optimization with relevant SEO articles, adhering to proper keyword research and effective keyword density is not a very simple task. Entrusting the task upon an SEO firm is the most convenient and rational decision for anyone.