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A Great Domain Name, A High PR, Half The Battle Is Won For SERPs And Sales

What’s a domain name worth?

Plenty if you consider that its your company’s SIGNBOARD.  The name that will help your customers or fans decide if they want to do business with you.  Lets face it, if you wanted to buy a macbook would you go to or

So you think Google doesn’t like exact-domain-names (EMDs)?  Go search for “get hits” and you will see the first few entries are “”, and “”…. Go google “soap” and just count the number of domains with “soap” in them – almost the ENTIRE page!!!  Google did not penalize EMDs, it just made it ‘not the most important criteria’ thats it.

So what would you pay for a Great Domain Name?  Here are the ‘bestsellers’: sold for $16M sold for $14M sold for GBP9.99M sold for $9.5M sold for $8.5M sold for $7.5M sold for $7.5M sold for $7M

OK, yes these are stratospheric domains, lets look closer to the ground shall we?  Here are some domains that recently got sold: for $9,200 Apr 2013 for $50,000 Jan 2013 $25,000 Dec 2012 $24,900 Jul 2012

….still think a great domain name isn’t worth investing in?

We also have some SUPER HIGH PAGE RANK Back link Service babies for sale here.  We are talking about PR8.  You get one of these babies you are in the same league as, and higher than giants like!

Did you know that high page rank sites are more likely to appear at the top of Google’s search pages?  See the proof straight from the horse’s mouth:

google likes high page ranked sites


So you can spend a few more dollars for a high PR domain name or thousands more in SEO just to get your SERPs up… choice is yours.  Some are aged, some are cheap, some have traffic, some are EMD, … choices galore!
Popular global demand for cameras and equipment. Exact domain name. More than 11MIL search results.

Grab this rare domain for a BILLION dollar online industry with 460 MILLION search results. Highly marketable and resalable!

Massive industry powering the Internet, Social Media. Own the domain which discusses how to blog and how to make money over the internet.

Couponing online is a massive industry. From brick-and-mortar retailers to online stores, merchants are banking on coupons to entice customers. The couponing industry is worth $46BIL. Grab of this EMD and start a profitable affililate income stream.

6,700,000,000 search results on Google. Downloading involves everything from software, music, video, photographs, ebooks, audio files, apps, maps, stock info, property prices. Unfathomable large industry.

The name speaks loudly for itself. Ideal for US-based sites which need to clear stocks fast or online stores which are in the bulk-sell business.

The fine jewelry market is estimated to be worth $275.4 Billion in global sales in 2012. As online certified jewelry retailing becomes a norm due to increased trust factors, you can take advantage of this premium domain to start a worldwide sales outfit.

If you are planning an online auction of wines and liquors, there is no better domain name than this.

The name says it all. You can have a brick-and-mortar establishment or an online shop selling hammers, wrenches, paints and tools. The Exact Domain means that you bypass millions of competitors online very quickly.

You are looking at the cornerstone of a global travel industry that is worth $1.4TRILLION. You travel, you need to Get A Room - its a fact. This is a super and highly marketable EMD domain if there ever was one!

Estibot valued $388. Probably the best domain after as it contains an action word, no dashes "-" and other characters. A real jewel. Buy Now!




  • Page ranks may be different pre and post sale; this is due to Google’s constant page rank algorithm updates which are beyond our control
  • Once sold there will be no refunds for whatever reasons, you are deemed to have checked the page rank is to your satisfaction
  • Some domains can only be transferred within or accounts at this time – simply open a free account and get the precious domain within your possession within a day or two


Domain Names

Considering building a new website for personal use, for a business, or for any other organization or purpose? First you will need to find and register a domain name with a domain registering company to get started. By understanding the basics of finding a domain name and registering a domain name you will be able to get your new website up and running quickly and efficiently.

What is A Domain Name?

A domain name is best described as a type of virtual real estate that is defined by name spaces on TLD extensions. A TLD (Top Level Domain) is basically one of the more popular and well known forms of registering a domain space and are defined as follows- .com, .net, .org, .info, .us. The most prominent and highly sought after of these TLD’s is the oldest and most popular .com version.

Every website on the internet also has an IP address of which it can be accessed. The Ip address is always a numerical number that is “re-written” with the domain name of the website. Every website online can be accessed   with a domain name or the numerical IP address assigned to a domain name. A domain name allows a person to access a website easily by assigning a name space to the numerical IP number. This system was created as remembering a word is typically much easier than remembering a multiple digit number of an IP address.

Why Do I Need A Domain Name

A person would need to register a domain name if they were interested in having their own website. When registering a domain name, you may want to consider some of the following before deciding on which domain name to purchase.

Did you know that after registering a domain name you will need a paid for hosting service to host your website files, content, and databases? A common misconception with registering a domain name is people think that is all they need to get a website online, obviously that is not the case. Every website on the internet is hosted somewhere and on some server. Most of these websites are being hosted with professional and well known hosting companies that charge a monthly hosting fee.

Some other charges incurred with registering a domain name and setting up a new website are as follows- hosting, a unique IP address for each website, a new website design or template, email and auto responder services, website installation and modifications, website content or website text, images for the website design, a web designing program or web design software(if you plan on doing it yourself), a tracking 888 or 800 phone number, and a website marketing and online advertising budget.

Find a Domain Name & Get A Domain Name

Now that we have covered the basics of what a domain name is, next is researching a new domain name to register and purchase. Finding a SEO friendly and memorable top level domain name is the first step in registering a domain name. Conducting a little domain name research before taking the leap into the world of webmastering will help ensure that you pick the best possible choice for your branding and marketing purposes of your new website.

Some tips on how to register domain names and popular methods for domain name registering are as follows- Register a keyword related domain name relevant to your industry and area(if applicable), if you can find an expired domain name or a domain name with  history even better,  look for a parked domain that is for sale and for a cheap price, try and acquire a .com domain if possible or at least one of the major TLD’s if available, and when you finally do find the domain name of your choice should purchase it for five to ten years as this lets search engines and their algorithms know that you are “serious” about your website.

In order to do a little research on finding a quality domain name for your website you will need to know where to look. Some excellent resources for domain name research and domain name registering are as follows-hosting companies have suggestive domain name registering tools and domain name research tools for their customers and clients, is a great tool for conducting further and in depth research on domain name data and owner history, enom, sedo parking network and other popular domain name parking networks, expired domain name software, domain name auction websites, and domain name brokers. Many savvy Internet marketers gun for high page rank domain names because these are already trusted by the search engines and can get keywords ranked very quickly if the SEO is done right.

How to Register A Domain Name

When it comes to the actual registering of the domain name, executing this process is quite simple. Most hosting companies offer domain registration upon signing up for their hosting services for your new website and allow for seamless integration of domain registering and hosting from one service. That being said, after you have conducted your domain name research and have found that perfect domain name, all you have to do is sign up for a quality hosting service and register your domain name with them.

Searching for and registering a domain name is almost always the first step when setting up a new hosting service. Simply follow the directions of the hosting company of your choice account and domain registering processes and you will be on your way to getting your new website online and in no time.

As with anything in life, having a little knowledge of what you are about to do always helps the processes go smoother, generally speaking. Even if you do not plan on doing any of this yourself and are going to use a web design company or web marketing company to handle all of this for you, having a little common knowledge of how to register a domain name and how it works hand in hand with hosting your website, will only help you and your online marketing company have some common ground which makes the processes of getting your new website online much more efficient.

Research your many options for domain name registering services, hosting companies, hosting services, web design services, and web marketing services before jumping into the online marketing and advertising realm. Conducting this general research on what these companies can do for your website and / or business will only help increase your success factor with not only your online marketing efforts, but more so the amount of ROI for your business via your internet marketing efforts.