3 Reasons Why You Should Check Domain Name

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Domain names

A lot of webmasters and new online business owners keep on making the mistake of instantly registering domains without first bothering to check domain name registration details. This led some into serious problems, which could have been avoided if a domain name check has been done beforehand. To avoid future issues, it is important know why a name check must be done first prior to the registration. Here are few reasons why.

Reasonable Valuation

Domain names come in varied prices. Some are quite expensive, while others are cheaper. It’s quite hard to know if the price you shall be paying for is reasonable or not, and one way to find that out is to conduct the domain lookup. The search process will give you vital details that can help you evaluate if it s reasonably priced or not. Among the important information that you can get includes the current and previous traffic level, reputation, past online activities, and search engine ranking, among others.

It’s quite obvious that domains enjoying high ranking position in the search engine result pages are priced way much higher compared to new domains without ranking in the SERPs at all. It’s because getting these domains will give you instant traffic as a result of the past SEO activities done by the previous owner.

Take note that search engine optimization is an expensive venture that requires massive investment, and the results will be achieved not in an instant but for quite some time. Therefore, getting search engine optimized domains will save you a lot of time and efforts, and sometimes they are worth investing in despite the expensive price. So don’t be surprised a domain name is expensive; it is probably because it is already enjoying higher SERPs position.

Trademarked Brand Names

One of the main reasons why it is imperative to check domain name prior to the registration is to avoid probable legal issues ahead. If you happen to register a trademarked name, then you are in for trouble. Trademark name owners are alerted once the name is registered, and these companies or owners will immediately call in their legal team to notify you to unregister the name as soon as possible, or else they will file a case against you for using trademarked names. Court battles are a pain in the head, so it is best to avoid getting into legal problems with retrospect to domain registration by just doing a name check first. This alone already makes it imperative, and should give you all the more reasons to conduct the lookup.


Bad Records

One of the data that you can obtain from a domain check is the past activities of the owners. By doing so, you will know what activities were done on the domain by its previous owners. These are important because some of them could be probably involved in spamming activities and black hat SEO. These things can tarnish the image of your brand.

If the domain happens to be involved in black hat activities, then optimizing your site for better visibility in the search engines will be harder to do, and this will take longer time to achieve your SEO goals. The worst part is the domain could be probably banned already by the search engines, and this will greatly affect the success of your business.

Takeaway Message

No one requires you to check domain name. You can go ahead and register any available domain immediately. After all, skipping the investigative search will save you time. However, there are risks involved if you omit the procedure at all. The above points are already good reasons enough to make it an imperative process in order to avoid various issues in the future. A simple search today that will only take a few minutes of your time could avoid future disaster to your online business.