5 Creative Techniques to Get Website Traffic

get web trafficGetting traffic to your site is easier said than done. In reality, it can be tedious and very challenging, at times or most of the time. But if you are creative in your techniques of capturing leads, you will standout and get the attention of many people, thereby luring them towards the funnel that redirects to your webpages.

The size of the World Wide Web today is approximately 42 billion webpages sorted based Google and Bing. All of these pages need targeted website visitors. But fortunately, you don’t have to compete with all of these billions of pages. You will only be competing with sites being optimized for keywords your blog is also positioned to. This will vary from tens to thousands, and from millions to billions of competing sites.

But the point is, regardless of the popularity of the keywords you have chosen, there will always be competitors around fighting to get a bigger share of the market. If your search engine optimization techniques are ineffectual, your site will be left out from the pack and it will end up crawling to get a few crumbs of the traffic.

To get ahead of the pack, you have to take your SEO to a higher level beyond the norms. While doing the basics will work and similarly important, you need to have strategies that will standout and give your eCommerce site not just a head-start but also a commanding lead over your competitors.

Take note that SEO is just one of the many ways of capturing well-targeted leads. There are also other methods that are similarly effective in attracting visitors. In today’s consistently changing search engine landscape where Google enforces more than 100 algorithm updates, it is now imperative especially for businesses dominantly relying on the search engines for traffic to start diversifying to other means of getting visitors. This will put your business on a stable ground. You can start by using some of the following creative means of leads generation.

Drive Targeted Leads to Your Website with these Creative Techniques

Be Socially Active

Social media networking today is becoming more popular and its popularity is estimated to continue for many more years to come. In fact, more web users today are logging on to one or more social networks every day, making up a significant percentage of the total net users.

If you want to get leads, you have to expand the visibility of your business and the social networks are among the best places to spread out your global footprint. However, it is not enough to just open accounts, create a profile, and build business pages in various social media networks.

You must also be socially active in order to be able to get in touch with laser-targeted prospects and establish business relations with them. The more active you are in varied networks, the wider your social footprint will become. Consequently, traffic will also exponential grow over time.

Go Offline to Boost Your Online Presence

Don’t confine your strategies within the online sphere. Think out of the box; go offline and spread the news about your website. This is especially imperative for establishments targeting local audiences. This method is also called a guerilla marketing method by some marketers.

There are infinite ways of marketing your business offline. You can go back to the traditional marketing method. This includes distribution of leaflets and flyers highlighting your business web address and a short company overview, bumper sticker marketing, shirt printing of your web url, and local advertising, among many others. This strategy is common in large corporations, but only a few small to medium-size businesses are doing it.

Organize Events

Events usually excite participants, thereby attracting massive visitors. Therefore, organize unique events that people will look forwarded to attend. This can be a free how-to webinar, an online tutorial session, an interview with a person with authority, a contest, a quiz show, and so on.

Don’t limit the events online. You can also organize a real event and capture the whole activities on live streaming video shown in your website. Be creative and innovate methods to make your event unique. Hosting the event in one of the pages of your blog will dramatically explode your hits; some visitors will eventually subscribe or bookmark your blog to get fresh updates on future exciting events.

Go Mobile

The market share of mobile-based web usage is increasing and it is projected that by the year 2015 majority of the people will access the internet using their mobile devices, overtaking the desktop users. Therefore, start shifting your strategies to mobile and you will get an explosion of mobile visits.

During the second quarter 2013 earnings call of Apple, it reported that there were about 70 million app downloads per day, or 800 apps download every second. You can just imagine the magnitude of mobile users today and the power of mobile for leads generation. You can take advantage of this trend by developing an app version of your site where people can download for free and quickly navigate the pages.

You can also create exciting apps related to your niche and redirect the app users to your webpage to get more details. For instance, if your business is under a weight loss niche you can create diet apps and funnel the users to your site if they want to get more information and extensive details about losing weight.

Submit Guest Blogs

Also an effective method is guest blogging. Look for blogs with high monthly hits and ask the owner for a shot to make a guest post. Some blogs with high Google PageRank will welcome guest bloggers to keep their blogs fresh and to add value to their readers. By publishing highly valuable guest posts, readers will check your profile where your web link is there for them to follow your other contents.

Aside from the above methods, there are still more things that you can do to attract people to pay a visit to one of your pages. Be creative and do something unique and sooner you will get website traffic at a level beyond your imagination.


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