5 Reasons to Switch Your Social Media to Google Plus

Google+ 1Google Plus may not have more than a billion subscriber-base just like Facebook, but it is quietly growing rapidly. Being a social network, it is also one of the SEO signals that can potentially impact the search engine ranking of your site. While many marketers and successful entrepreneurs are focusing their social media marketing in Facebook and Twitter, your campaign will be better off well-diversified to include Pinterest, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, and Google+.

Google Plus is well-known to be a ghost town. This is due to the fact that even if there are hundreds of millions of users, you can see only a few people there and many of them seem to have few activities.

Well, a famous dictum states don’t judge a book by its cover. In this case, don’t judge the network by its looks. The few people that you see interacting with each other is just the tip of the iceberg. Somewhere, many users are actively engaging. You cannot see them because they are enclosed in Circles. Nonetheless, here are five reasons why you should start using this network and include it in your social marketing mix.

Five Reasons for Switching to Google Plus

It is Gaining Popularity

Based on latest stats today, Google+ has already overtaken Twitter in popularity and it is now ranked second next to Facebook among the net users in the United States of America. According to numbers, Google+ also has more accounts compared to Twitter, surpassing the all-popular social network by a margin of 10%.

This can also mean that this network has a lot of users where you can tap on to capture targeted traffic for conversion into customers. If you do a good job in the conversion process, the potential in getting better sales is high.

It Provides Good Social Signals

One of the ranking factors today is the social signal. While social signals are not equal to backlinks in terms of SEO benefits, their impact on search engine optimization is becoming more intense. According to a study, many websites with solid positions in the SERPs have already integrated social signals in their search engine optimization, while only a few of them have not yet done the social media integration.

Although it is not accurate to conclude but it is safe to assume that social signals do play some roles in SEO. Google+ ranked first as the most dominant ranking factor. This is followed by Facebook shares, number of backlinks, Facebook total, and Facebook comments, Facebook likes, Pinterest, Tweets, and ‘nofollow’ backlinks.

Circles and Hangout Features Enhance Social Engagement

Another reason for switching to Google Plus is the Hangout feature, which is one of the best online chat rooms today. It is a feature-rich component that lets you chat with selected group of friends. While this is somewhat similar to Skype in some ways, there are features that are unique only to this network. One of them is the ability to watch YouTube videos together with all your Hangout friends. You can also share confidential documents with them.

The Hangout feature is ideal for businesses with varied workers situated in different places. You can conduct online meetings with your team mates, regardless of their locations. During the meeting, each team member can present their own business reviews using their reports in MS word or PowerPoint files converted into YouTube videos and simultaneously discuss the issues and concerns.

Aside from the Hangout, there is also the Circle that lets you effectively group your followers accordingly. This is similar to Yahoo Groups, except that it is in a social platform. This will greatly enhance the experience of social sharing and social engagement.

At times, there are sensitive documents and photos that you are comfortable sharing with your family but not to your associates and some friends. The Circle feature is the solution to that. You can create a family circle where only family members can join and see your shared documents. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about sharing personal and family videos and pictures to your relatives since they will not be seen by your other fans in different circles.

The same is true when it comes to sharing business files to your office associates. There are highly confidential business matters that must be confined only within the company, and sharing them to your team will not pose a problem in Google Plus Circle since only the pre-selected members can gain access to the confidential data.

Better Integration of other Google Services

Another unique benefit is the full integration of other services offered by Google. This includes the Gmail, Picasa, YouTube, and Google Docs. It can serve as an all-in-one platform where you can quickly watch videos in YouTube, retrieve and read documents from Google Docs, while at the same time socialize with other people or converse with them through video chat. No need to login to different web features or hop in from one webpage to another. Everything is in a single dashboard making it easier for multitasking.

Good Mobile App Version

The mobile app version of Google + is better compared to the apps of other networks. The design is excellent and user-friendly. But most of all, it loads faster making it easy to navigate to the different features of the network. Consequently, you can accomplish more in less time with speed at your side.

Quick Tips to Effective Google Plus Marketing

Making the switch is just the first step. Once you have opened an account, the next step is to build a powerful profile. This is crucial because this can greatly influence your social success. So make it credible and easy for your prospects to trust and start following you.

The next step is to start getting more fans. If you have done Facebook marketing before then use the same strategy in getting followers and Google+1. Nevertheless, there are many ways of capturing fans. One of them is to start engaging with the other members.

Social engagement is the core principle of attracting followers and Google Plus One. As you interact with others regularly, you will gradually build relationship with some of them, and these people will also start following you in order to have more things to talk about in your regular discussions.

You can make your own techniques or follow the best practices of others. What matters most is to start doing Google+ marketing today to achieve better milestone in your social marketing.

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