Alexa Rank Checker: An Essential Tool for All Internet Users

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alexa rank checkerThe Internet has become a crowded marketplace of websites competing against each other for traffic and popularity. There are multiple websites available of the same category and topic, and an Internet user may find it extremely tough to obtain the information or service he or she wants without having to wade through unrelated junk.

So due to the staggering number of websites present on the same topics, a user needs a reliable and accurate website ranking system that can give essential data to aid him or her in determining which websites to target.

On the other side of the coin, it therefore becomes paramount for website owners to know where they stand, or rather, how they are ranked by the search engines for certain search terms. Fortunately a lot of this information can be gleaned using the Alexa Rank Checker.

How does it Rank Websites

The Alexa Ranking Checker works using the Alexa Internet Toolbar to collect viewer browsing data, as well as data from other sources. It ranks websites keeping various parameters in mind. The website’s age and its visitor’s behavior are considered as first priority. The website, in order to attain a high rank, should have a higher Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and a low bounce rate this means that a viewer, after opening a website should navigate through it instead of closing it instantly. All the data is collected from Alexa Service users’ computers while keeping their identities anonymous. It is a beneficial tool for Internet surfers and website owners alike for the following reasons.


For Internet Users:

Any viewer who has the Alexa Internet Ranking toolbar installed on his or her computer, can instantly check the ranking of any website, thus getting an idea of its popularity and as a result, its credibility. It also displays other statistics such as the number of pages the website has and its ownership details.

A user can check the rank of the website globally as well as country wise, as well as important statistics such as the number of pages in the website, as well as the structure of the website. It also suggests to the users where to browse onwards from a website, based on where other users went after they were done viewing that particular website.

For Website Owners:

Website owners will undoubtedly find the Checker an essential tool in their website development. They can monitor traffic statistics and user behavior on their websites. They can see how many people viewed their site, how many navigated through it and how many simply exited before the website had completed fully loading. He will also be able to ascertain which websites, search engines and keywords are providing him with the bulk of his visitors and attempt to capitalize on that. Using all these data, owners can modify their websites to make them better and generate more traffic and consequently, more earnings.

Steadily developing and getting more accurate and advanced day by day, the Alexa Rank Checker serves as an asset for internet users who want a quality browsing experience as well as website owners who want to improve their websites. But if you want to boost your Alexa rank without doing the hard work, then there are Alexa rank booster services that you can run to.