Article Writing – How to Create Intriguing, Interesting Articles to Boost Your Website Traffic

article directoryArticle marketing has been around for a long time and it continues to be regarded as one of the most efficient white-hat SEO tools ever. A campaign using article marketing for search engines consists of the creation and distribution of articles relating to topics that are relevant for your corporate activity with the objective of attracting traffic towards your money page.

There are two key elements to any article written and disseminated with SEO in mind: the body of the article, which needs to be original, unique, entertaining and highly informative, and the author’s box that will contain a short description of the company that claims authorship of the text and an URL to the company’s website.

The articles are published on article directories, blogs, forums or other media with the purpose of creating backlinks towards the company site in order to increase the page ranking of the promoted site. The more articles a company publishes on relevant media, the more backlinks the company website gets; the more backlinks the website gets, the higher its position on search engine results pages it will be. And one more thing: the more appreciated the publisher website is, the more valuable the backlinks will be considered, so you must always make sure your articles are published on a high-PR article directory.

How to Write Search Engine Optimized Articles

Like we mentioned above, a good SEO article consists of two parts: the author’s bio and the article body itself. The text displayed in the author box is usually very short and it only contains the most relevant pieces of information about your company and the link to the company website.

When it comes to the content of the articles, things get a bit more complicated, but average writing skills are usually enough to create great, intriguing articles. First of all you need to start with a catchy, concise title that tells the readers what they are going to read about. If you provide tips and advice about a certain topic, it is more efficient to get straight to the point, like this:

Choosing the Best Engine Oil: Top 10 Tips

instead of

Learn More about Engine Oil

The body of the article must be of somewhere between 300 and 1000 words and it must be high-quality and unique content – remember that search engines penalize duplicate content. Another requirement relating to the content of the article is that it must provide help or tackle a niche-related problem frequently encountered. SEO articles do not promote your company directly; your products or services appear only in the author’s box, not in the article body.

The article also needs to be structured around keywords. This is important because internet users enter specific phrases when they search for something and if your articles contain those phrases, they will appear on results pages and get clicked on, prompting the reader to visit your website. The articles should also be well-organized and straight to the point. Including headings, sub-headings and bullet points is always a good idea, because it not only makes reading easier, but it also helps the writer organize ideas into a more logical sequence.

Publishing Articles for SEO Purposes

When you have your articles, you should continue by finding the right media to publish them on. SEO article submission works like submitting articles to newspapers: you send your text to the directory, the editors of the site review your text, then the article gets accepted and published or rejected and deleted. There are numerous article directories you can send your contents to, some of them paid sites, others available for free, but you must always choose directories that have sections relevant for your niche.

You will be required by the directory to set up a profile before you publish anything and to agree to the terms and conditions for publishing. If you are not familiar with the conditions imposed by the directory you have chosen and your articles do not comply with the directory’s guidelines, you risk getting your article deleted.

You also need to be aware that you need to publish a high volume of articles to get a steady rise in website traffic and page ranking. It is not enough to have one article published – depending on your objectives, you might need hundreds of them, published strategically, in a well-designed, charted way.

You can either choose to write and publish your own SEO articles or you can hire an article submission service to create and distribute the articles for you. SEO submission services usually charge very reasonable fees. They have packages containing a pre-defined number of articles and they have routine in publishing on article directories, so if you turn to such a company, you can be sure your content will be interesting, entertaining and original, attracting readers to click on the article and prompting them towards your website convincingly.

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