Backlink Your Way To The Top Of The Ranks

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backlinking servicesWhen it comes to backlinking you have two options: do it yourself, or pay for it. Doing it yourself can be a terrible idea if you don’t know how to distinguish a good backlink from a bad one, and it takes a lot of time to find good links. If you want to buy them, then you need to make sure that you are buying quality backlink services that actually help your website. Use this guide to know the difference between good services and bad ones. You can’t afford to pick the wrong service, especially if you want avoid being sandboxed.


You should only buy from an SEO service that explicitly tells you the PageRank of your backlinks. PageRank is very important to links. They are basically the link’s source of power because high PR websites are trusted more than low PR ones.

Unfortunately, most bargain SEO services only offer you PR0 and PR1 links that barely do anything. Think of it this way: one PR4-6 link is worth around 100 PR0 links and getting that one powerful link is going to look more natural than a getting a large amount of weaker links.

If the service doesn’t tell you about the PageRank, then what else are they hiding?


As much as price is a factor when buying backlinks packages, make sure that you are paying enough for a quality service. If you found a 10,000 backlink package for just $100, then you should be wary.

Quality backlinks take time to make, so they cost more than automated links. If you are paying less than $0.01 per each link, then there is a problem. These links usually have a low PageRank, and they tend to be automated. Automated link building will certainly destroy your rank, so don’t get caught up in it.

The common going rate for backlinks is about $1-2 per link. The price might drop below the $1 mark for bulk discounts. Links that are appropriately priced give you a far better chance of getting a good service.

Manual Creation

As stated above, automated link building isn’t good. The links are rarely relevant, they are typically created with spun content, you get a massive wave of links in one day that seems unnatural and the links are usually just put on the most convenient, but not the best, websites.

Manual link building is the way to go. Manual link building ensures that all of the link’s power goes to your website. It also ensures that you avoid any unnatural link building. This method also takes longer, but that’s a good thing.

Search engines pay attention to how long it takes to make a link. If your links are made too quickly, then they will know it is automated.

Auto-Approved Links

Auto-approved links are very convenient and powerful. There are many blogs and websites that moderate comments, and the Webmaster has to approve the comment before it goes up. While this helps with quality, it becomes an issue when buying a backlink package.

If the service provider creates 100 links, but only 20 are approved, then this can be a problem. This wastes your time and money, and the service provider will not want to redo your package over and over again until 100 links finally stick.

Auto-approved links are also assured. Some Webmasters completely abandon their website. That means that your link will never be approved, so you are paying for links that will never help you.

Buying auto-approved links ensures you get the number of links that you paid for. These links typically last longer, too.


Permanent Links

You need permanent links to get the most power from a backlink service provider. Wasting your time and money on links that will only last a short while can really hurt your rankings. If a large percentage of the links suddenly disappears, then your website might suffer the damage.

No service provider can ensure that your links will be permanent forever. Websites go down, servers stop working and other unexpected things can happen that will erase your link. However, a service provider should at least promise that the links will remain for 12 months or more.

Most service providers also promise to replace the link if it goes down. This guarantee ensures that your website will definitely rise through the ranks.

Relevant Links

Relevant backlinks are incredibly important for the best SERPs. Receiving a high number of irrelevant links will hurt your page. Google will begin questioning why you are getting so many peculiar links, and it will often slap you with a penalty, or it will ignore the links.

This is bad. You need a backlink provider that will only give you relevant links. These links are more powerful, and they have a much better chance of sticking and improving your rank. Relevant links are usually clicked more, which can improve your organic traffic outside of the search engines.

Linking Timeframe

How long does it take to make the backlinks? In the world of business, people commonly want services done yesterday, but that doesn’t work with backlinking. In fact, working too quickly is a detriment.

Google is very keen to unnatural link building. If a website suddenly got 100 backlinks, but they were all made in one hour and the website isn’t getting any more links, wouldn’t that seem unnatural? Google prefers to see a prolonged effort that goes on for several days. This is natural link building, and search engines love it.

Look for a service provider that takes about a week to create your backlinks, or a month for larger packages. This will give you the most power, and you will avoid any penalties from ruining the backlinking efforts.

DoFollow Links

Links come as either NoFollow or DoFollow. NoFollow links supply minimal power to your website, but it isn’t worth paying for them. You want to ensure that your service provider only makes DoFollow links.

DoFollow is a type of instruction that is added to a link. It tells the search engine spider that the associated link is trustworthy. This tag also tells the search engine spider that the website consents to passing on its power to linked to page.

DoFollow links give you the most power, and they are the links that really impact your search engine rankings. They will also help improve your PageRank, and the websites associated with DoFollow links are typically very trusted by the search engines.

You need to work with a service provider that is very explicit about this. Some scam providers just give you a huge number of NoFollow links that drag your website down. DoFollow is the way to go.


Using backlink services can really help your website in the search engines. You don’t have to worry about researching links, and you don’t have to spend hours on finding and making links for your website. You can go back to managing your business and making money from your customers.

If you don’t have the time to make backlinks, and if you don’t want to accidentally mess up your ranking by tripping across some unknown search engine penalty, then it is a good idea to seek out a professional to do the link building for you.