Backlinking – An Efficient and Versatile Tool to Attract More Visitors to Your Website

link building articlesThe ultimate goal of search engine optimization and web promotion campaigns is to increase the number of visitors to the promoted website and convince them to buy your products or to hire your services. There are many different methods and techniques you can use to achieve your goal, one of the most complex and most efficient being backlinking. While experts have different opinions when it comes to setting up a list of the most efficient online marketing tools, they all agree that backlinking is the par excellence tool, a method that cannot be left out of any well-designed online marketing campaign.

What is Backlinking?

Backlinks are links that point towards your website from third party sites. They work like recommendations form other websites, a vote of confidence that will prompt the visitors of the site that makes the recommendation to visit your website.

The backlinks towards a certain website are evaluated by search engine in terms of quality and volume. The more reputable the referrer site is considered by search engines, the more valuable the backlinks pointing towards your site will be, establishing your website as a reputable one and increasing your page ranking. However, having a small number of quality backlinks will never do the job – you also need to have a large volume of backlinks if you are to make the most of your backlink strategy.

How to Do Backlinking

You can increase the number of backlinks that direct traffic towards your website with numerous different methods, all of which imply the creation and the distribution of content that your audience may find interesting or engaging into direct communication with your target group.

One of the most widely used ways is to place relevant content on authoritative, high-PR websites. This type of backlinking implies the creation of quality backlinks by determining not only the content to be published on third party media, but also defining the choice of the media where you submit articles, videos or other contents.

The content created with the purpose of building backlinks for your website can be an article, a report, a press release, a presentation, a video or info graphics, but no matter how intriguing, entertaining and informative it is, it will help you achieve your goals only if the website you publish it on is also of high-quality, visited and appreciated by a wide audience.

Let’s suppose you work in the automotive business and you are the official dealer of a certain type of car part in your country. Your backlink strategy will need to start with creating informative content. You can start by writing articles providing tips and suggestions about how to install that particular part. The articles will focus on helpful advice and the body of the texts will not mention the name of your company at all, except in the author boxes attached to each article, where you will present your company in a few words.

The next step will be to distribute your articles. You need to find an article directory that publishes articles about car parts and send the content to them for reviewing. If the article gets published, the reference to your site in the anchor text of your article will give your website one backlink.

The procedure is quintessentially the same with any type of content. If you have created a video about your products or services, you will have to add the short text pointing towards your site and publish it on quality video sharing sites.

Another way to increase the number of your backlinks is by creating a profile for your company on social media platforms. After setting up your company account, you can present your company in more detail, you can start sharing interesting content and links towards other websites, earning a reputation not only as a great vendor or service provider, but also as a helpful, knowledgeable expert in your niche.

Guest blogging is also a useful way of getting more backlinks. Whatever your niche is, there are probably hundreds of interesting blogs about your topic and many of these blogs allow guests to leave an URL with their blog post, too.

There are numerous other methods to increase your website’s page ranking with the help of backlinks, but all of them require your permanent attention, a lot of creativity, time and energy. If you consider the task too much of an effort, you can hire specialized companies to take care of your backlink strategy with the help of link building articles, or by creating and distributing other types of content and organizing your social media communication.

Turning to the services of professionals will make sure your contents will be created and published so as to attract the highest volume of traffic and your social media strategy will be as efficient as possible as well.

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