Backlinks Are A Vital Tool For Your Online Business

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Website owners should all realize that traffic is what makes it possible for you to continue to get the sales you need to make money. If you don’t get that traffic then you won’t have enough clients to keep on getting that business. Therefore, what is a great way to make sure that your site keeps getting all that valuable traffic? The way to do this is to understand how to get backlinks for your site.

Getting Ready to Get Backlinks

If you want to learn how to get good quality backlinks for your website, then you must first be aware of some vital facts:

  • The search engines need to be able to find and index your content and it must be current and up to date. This is especially true now with the recent Google Freshness changes to their algorithm.
  • Your website needs to be properly targeted to your niche.
  • You need to have investigated your competitors to see how they do things compared to your methods as it is vital to see what kind of backlinks they are using to see if they have more than you do or if you might be able to use some of the same ones if that is acceptable.

Why are Backlinks so important?

As stated before, the more traffic to your site gets, the better your chances of converting that traffic into sales. Getting more customers through backlinks adds to those possible sales. With the right backlinks leading potential customers to your sites, they will get a chance to read your content and purchase your product or services.

Plus, good backlinks work to help Google index your data and helps visitors find your site. This works well towards your search engine optimization to help your site stay high in the Google ranking system for your niche.

How Can You Get Backlinks?

There are quite a few ways how to get backlinks that help lead people to your website. There are both free methods and those that cost. Whichever kind you use, they need to be quality links, and not just any old backlinks for the sake of having them. Otherwise, Google could judge it as SPAM, and that would be bad for business.

Articles or posts Are Ways to Get Backlinks

A great way how to get backlinks to your site is by submitting content to other sites or blogs like ezines, articlebase or goarticles. You could also trade backlinks with another website that is the same niche as yours. Another viable way is to post some information such as a new product on Facebook or on a blog and put a link back to your business site. These are all great techniques to help you get traffic back to your website store.


Some of the other free methods of getting backlinks include creating entries in Wikipedia or submitting things to Yahoo Answers. Or, you can find a forum that has information on your niche and post comments or encourage people to add a link to your website in their own postings or articles they submit.

You also need to make sure your best keywords are in your links, as this helps customers find you as well.

Quality is better than quantity

Links you get should be quality links. As stated earlier, too many links that are just there to have one and that don’t provide good information can be considered SPAM by Google. A good number to collect is about 40 to 60 new backlinks every month. The backlinks should be from other sites with high ratings in Google ranks.

This will in turn help your page rank since it links your site with others that are well thought of by customers and Google alike. Good sites to get links from are those like .edu or .gov if possible or sites in your niche so it appears logical that they would be linked to each other.

Should You Buy Links?

Some webmasters choose to buy backlinks, but this can be both good and bad, depending on how you do it. If you are buying links and suddenly end a contract with your provider, you may lose all the previous links and that could be a red flag to Google and cause your page rank to drop. So, normally it is better to get the majority of your backlinks in a free way whenever possible.

Indexing is Vital

Indexing your website in the search engines is also vital. If you have tons of great backlinks but Google doesn’t list them, then it will take longer for people to find and use them to get to you. Therefore, you need to make your links more noticeable to Google. This can be done through things like your Facebook or Twitter accounts, for instance. Since the Google Freshness update pays lots of attention to social media, this should get those backlinks indexed very quickly.

All in all, backlinks are necessary to a website’s viability and visibility. Be sure that you are doing the proper research to get them for your site by following the above methods.