Buying Cheap Visitors Through Website Traffic Wholesalers

SEO can be very complex and often businesses don’t have the time to follow through with all the SEO strategies they need in order to boost their Google ratings. You need to have a high amount of visitors in order to boost your Google ratings, but sometimes you don’t have the time to implement strategies or to wait around for visitors to come to your website. This is where website traffic service providers come into play by offering businesses a chance to use target web traffic to help boost their rankings quickly.


What Are Website Traffic Wholesalers


Every business wants the chance to buy cheap website traffic for the website in order to save some time while raising their Google rankings to bring in more visitors to their site. Website traffic selling sites are like bulk shopping to buy cheap website hits. You can check out their deals on visitors and you may surprise yourself. But basically, they operate a business very much like your own. They sell redirected or expired domain traffic to your website, pushing visitors through your website, making your visitor numbers and your Google Rankings go up.


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How Do These Companies Work


Bulk USA traffic sellers have a sophisticated-looking system that can help out a US-based business obtain only visitors based only in the USA. The process may seem complex, but it really is easy when you look into it.  These companies use an algorithm to sieve out the IPs of a visitor’s computer and redirect US-based visitors to the customer’s website. By putting out an incredible number of directory links, expired domains and ads specifically in a niche, they can even differentiate a visitor’s interest and send a qualified potential customer to a client.  For example if a visitor was clicking on some directory links on “used auto parts”, he or she may be redirected to a customer’s website if that customer has paid for “US-based visitor looking at Auto”.  Really simple but ingenious really!


Traffic wholesalers usually offer package deals rather than businesses being able to buy visitors one at a time. These packages will usually offer anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand visitors for a select price. Once the business owner decides on the traffic wholesaler with the best deal, they buy cheap website traffic through the wholesalers website. Once the purchase has been made, the service starts. Many of these expired traffic resellers will use servers to send you your visitors, but a select few will hire on a few people around the world to go and visit these websites. How Google ranks your website? Well it looks to see that your website is valuable and a lot of visitors to your page shows that your page is interesting and valuable, therefore you will see a spike in your Google ratings.


Are These Services Affordable?


If you want to buy cheap website traffic, you are going to want to shop around. There are a lot of site traffic service agents on the Internet, all that are going to offer different bundles. If you want to buy cheap website traffic, you are going to want to make sure you pay close attention when you are shopping around for different prices. Since every traffic wholesaler is going to offer a different package at a different price, you may have to do some math to figure out which one is the better buy. For example, some of these sites will offer $1 for every 1000 visitors to your website, though that is an awesome deal, another site may offer 3000 visitors for $2. There are a lot of package deals that are being offered through website traffic wholesalers, so to really buy cheap website traffic, you want to make sure you are using the wholesaler that is going to give you the better deal.


Running an online business can be difficult and sometimes more time consuming then running a store because not only do you have to handle all your business, but you also have to maintain a website, social networking sites, and try to make your site appealing enough to get traffic to your site. Unfortunately, it is not easy to get your website to the top of Google search engines and sometimes can take a lot of work. It is common for businesses to use short cuts to help them save time and efforts, which is where these website traffic wholesalers come into play.


Website traffic wholesalers are the best way for you to obtain cheap website visitors in order to help increase your websites traffic, so your website can rise in the Google rankings in order to increase your websites traffic for real. Though this practice isn’t fully using your own SEO to gain ranks in Google, it is not illegal and can be helpful to businesses that need the extra boost to get started. So when you use guaranteed targeted traffic you whether or not you are going to make any sales off of it, but if your page is more visible on Google, you will get more visitors and more sales.

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