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Imagine having to input a bunch of numbers separated on specific places with a dot every time you want to access a certain website. Imagine having to memorize the numbers of sites you frequent or the tedious job of having to take note and store the numbers for the sites you find useful.

It’s laborious, time-consuming, and every bit inconvenient.

That’s how the internet will function without domain names. Domain names make the internet user-friendly in that it makes data readily and easily accessible to users by putting relevant words where a bunch of numbers are supposed to be.

Domains might as well have been around at the same time the Internet has because of its indispensable value. It puts the ease in online activities which is what the Internet is built for: to make life work faster, more convenient, and time efficient.

However, as more and more businesses, establishments, and personal profiles are added into the World Wide Web every day, the realization of how important domains are may have faded out over the years.

Or at least, that may some appraisers of domains will have you believe.

If you are looking to sell your domain or groom it to its full potential, appraising how much it’s worth is a crucial part of the process. In fact, appraising domain is in the first stages of it all.

How then will you know the real value of the domain you at hand?

The secret is to know what you are looking for and set out where you can find it. What should you look for in your domain? And where can you find places or appraisers online which value what you have?

Unfortunately, many domain appraisers or domain buyers may not see the true worth of a domain. Web owners who do not have a firm background of their online properties may easily give in and settle for the price given to them without realizing the gem they have in their hands.

Domain Appraising – The Low Down

Domains are virtual properties. But that’s not to say that their monetary value are less than compared to tangible assets like real estate or cars.

Unlike tangible properties though, domains increase in value the more years are added to its age. Aside from the number of years it has been around, there are also other contributing factor s which add to the value of a domain.

This is the objective of Domain Appraise: to highlight the strengths of your domain in order to reach a value that can benefit you – whether you are on the buying or selling end.

Website Statistics – Why You Need to Let the Numbers Do the Talking

Numbers may not tell everything but the figures that back up a domain’s characteristics certainly tell a lot about what you can expect from it as a buyer or seller.

The domain business banks most of its worth on its future valuation. And how far a domain can take off depends on what it is and what it has at the present.

Here are the main considerations that buyers and sellers look for in the domain market:

  • Overall Appeal of the Domain Name
  • Content of the Website
  • Functionality of the Website and Related Web Applications
  • Credibility or Inbound Links to a URL
  • Clients, Subscribers, or Members of the Website
  • Existing Web Traffic, Number of Page Views, Bounced Rates

Different interested parties look for different aspects of the domain. The key is to know what you are looking for and zero in on the domains that can give you your needs.

If you are looking for a stable or growing website traffic or the credibility accounted to a website, these should be the domain factors you need to focus on:

  • Age of the Domain – How long was the domain around? Grandfathered domains are often coveted in the market and sell for the highest prices.
  • Alexa Ranking – The Alexa ranking of a website bears heavy weight when you are looking for traffic and credibility-driven websites. The lower the number of a domain’s Alexa rank, the better.
  • Number of Page Content Indexed by Google – There is no denying the authority of Google in the overall online business. One of the goals of online marketing techniques is to get indexed by Google as much as possible. So if you are looking to sell or buy your website, focus on this streak and optimize it.
  • Number of Site Inbound Links Recognized by Google – The more Google recognizes your site inbound links, the greater the value of a website becomes.
  • Number of Site Inbound Links Recognized by Yahoo – Google is not the only authority search engine in the market. The recognition and signals contributed by other well-known search engines like Yahoo also add weight to the domain’s worth.

What Domain Age Reveals about the Domain

Many businesses change their domains or website names from time to time as their company or products expand. However, there are domain names which have weathered time, change, and the expansion of its owner’s business.

This goes to show that the domain played a major role which factored in to the growth or success of a business. When considering the number of years the domain has been around, it is also important to check the number of times it has been registered.

As a buyer, you should consider this question: Why would the seller keep paying the registration fee for the domain if it was not worth keeping?

It costs a lot to maintain a domain and keeping it registered without it generating any income will just bleed the business dry.

There may be no definite way to see the exact worth of a domain for lack of recorded data but the age and number of times it has been registered are key clues to see if a domain is worth having or not.

Why You Need to Find a Domain’s Related Searches

Online marketing revolves around the need to get visitors to one’s site. Google Algorithm, CPC, or age may play an important role in appraising a domain worth. But when the website is up and running, what an owner needs is its impact to the regular internet users. Will the domain respond to the key words regular users input in search engines?

Does the history of the domain reveal how frequent it appears on the page results of Google? Does the domain come up when users type up limited key word searches online? All this determine how far the domain will take off in the future.

There is no single way to say how brandable a domain is. After all, the success of the business relies significantly on its future value. And Domain Appraise is the key to make you see how far a domain can go.

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