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Thousands of domains are already existing in the market. Thousands more are still being added and registered every year. The World Wide Web is already teeming with tens of thousands of domain names that prospective owners find it hard to possess the domain name of their choice.

Although domain names for specific niches are many, the fields they cover are pretty much the same thing. This means that new companies which decide to bring their businesses online have to settle for names which are not yet taken by the ones that came before them.

This means having to think another domain name if the one you have decided has already been registered or even copyrighted. This means having to settle for other domain extensions when the one you have been eyeing on is already taken.

For some people, it could also mean waiting it out on the market until their targeted domain names are up for sale. Because competition is tough and the supply of domain names suitable for a specific business or company is only limited, one has to keep a sharp eye. It also pays to know how to buy, auction, and do the overall process of acquiring a domain.

How to Start with Domain Availability Check

For many companies, it takes a team of marketing and business experts to decide the name of their website. Although a company can apply all their knowledge and years of expertise to decide which domain name to take, it will still come to nothing if the said domain name is already taken.

This is why domain availability checking tools are indispensable.

You do not want to have your domain business come to nothing when after all your efforts, your company ends up facing legal issues because the name of the website is already registered to another owner.

A quick Domain Availability Tool search can save the company a ton of trouble by finding out if the name is good to be used or not.

If the name is available, it can be obtained by filing a registration with InterNIC through an easy online registration setup.

In the course of determining a domain name’s availability, it is inevitable to run across trademark issues. One’s desired name can be in conflict with another’s registered brand or product name. All this and a host of other registration and ownership issues can snowball into one big legal dispute if you are not mindful of the availability of your targeted domain name.

Domain Availability – How To Go About It

The name of one’s website is probably the first concern owners take when bringing a business online. On the flip side, it is also the first stumbling block that may derail the company’s original plans.

Companies have to pour their years of expertise and brainstorm on a name that is brandable, unique, and will be a magnet for consumers. For regular users, a website’s name may sound simple but the truth is, it takes hours and work to come up with one that is suitable to represent a business in the World Wide Web.

This is just the first part of choosing a domain though.

The following step is probably trickier: domain availability check.

The dreaded question of What if the domain name is already taken? bears a significant amount of weight that raises a whole new set of issues.

If you find that your target domain name is already taken or registered, you are left with no option other than think of another unique name or restructure your first choice.

If the exact match domain is not allowed to be used any longer, you can just insert hyphens or make use of prefixes or suffixes and check the availability one more time.

More Domain Availability Options

One look at domain market places will tell you that single-word domains are on top of the most-coveted list. Competition is even tighter when you target domain names with .com, .org, and .net extensions.

If you have been around the domain name business or have been doing a research on such, you know that the length of a domain name is crucial in its marketability. Even two-word domains are also hard to come by. This is especially true for some niches such as home-based business and weight loss niches.

In the case of adding hyphens, owners must tread a thin line on how much and where to insert the word separators. Hyphens on a domain name can be quite tricky to use in that users may end up inserting it on the wrong place and your traffic may get routed to a competing site. However, if it takes adding a hyphen to create an impact for your domain name, you should not pass up on it.

Adding a prefix or a suffix to an unavailable domain name is also one the most common resolution of web masters.

Suffixes are more common though because the keyword can still head the domain name with the additional name or letter inserted at the end only. This could be as simple as making the name plural by adding an s, adding short, targeting words such blog, shop, or place. This way, the keyword is not lost. Rather, it is even more emphasized.

However, if a business owner is keen on obtaining one domain name only, they can also place a back order for the said domain. This option is more costly. But if your concern is the advantages and the traffic, impact, and overall pull that the domain name can bring, placing a back order is the way to go.

There are also other cases wherein it is possible to contest an unavailable domain name though it is already registered. This can be based on the superior rights for the name. This process can be brought upon the court or the policy dispute of domain names according to InterNIC.

Domain Name Availability for Any Kind of Website Niche

Every year, domain names and domain extensions are being added to available pool of website names because more and more corporations and independent business people are taking their services online. It may be tricky to come up with a domain name but it is even trickier to land one which is still available.

The solution? Restructuring and a good amount of creativity. For all you know, you may even come up with one that is better than your first domain name choice. In this entire process, the Domain Availability Tool is indispensable to you.


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