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email marketing campaignCreating free targeted email lists has become very important in order to get long term success in online business. If you do not start to build a targeted email list today, you may lose a lot of opportunity-costs and be subject to the whims of the search engine’s constant algorithm changes.

Free targeted email lists can be an effective solution when you are conducting a series of complex email marketing campaigns. Building targeted email lists as part of your email marketing strategies will take a lot of effort and time. However you may find great success if you do understand what is involve and go through these steps methodically. It just takes a short time to build your email list if you do this consistently and regularly.

Here are the steps you might want to take note of to build your list:

You need an Autoresponder in order to build your email lists

It’s the first thing you need to send messages, offer and organize the list of people who have opted in or opted out of your list.

It is instructive to use free products or services in order to entice opt-ins.

First, bear in mind the profile of the people you want to attract to and keep in your opt-in list. Only then can you source for, purchase or create the product or service you want to offer. This is important because totally unrelated products or services will attract a different crowd. For example if you offered free health tips instead of marketing advice when you are trying to build a list of affiliate marketers then that list will be practically useless because you will have a large chunk of fitness and health fanatics that are inextricable from your list.

Get a great landing site

Nothing attracts people to opt-in for your emails than a sexy landing site that really hypes up their emotions and make them feel that you will be getting them great information, products or services when you send them emails.

Make sure that your landing site has bold headlines, clear sales pitches, believable content, nice images that serve to accentuate your message and a very enticing and highly visible call-to-action.

Give great reasons why opting in is a ‘no-brainer’

Tell them why opting in to your emails brings them so many benefits that it out-weighs the possible issue of having to receive “yet another” email newsletter. State clearly that you value their privacy and will not share their information with anybody else for any price. Show that they are able to opt-out any time they want, practically hassle-free.

Remember to provide value – always

The worst thing you can do is to keep hard-hitting your opt-in lists with all sorts of BUY-NOW messages. You may think these have value and you are providing them with real savings but the truth is that most people recognize hard sell as something that brings about sub-standard value. To them, if you have to shout about it , its probably not worth the ink its printed on (or the electricity it takes to power up the PC just to read it in this case). This attracts a knee-jerk reaction to opt-out, killing your list faster than you can build it.
The smarter thing to do is to provide real value which can be free products, free services, free advice or information for all your emails. The hard sell part can be put in a section way further down. That way your recipient has the choice to ignore the salesy part downstairs and won’t think about hitting the opt-out button, and if the pitch catches his eye and he is hooked you get the benefit all the same.


Keep ‘em engaged

Vary your messages. People do not like to read the same of stuff over and over again week after week. If they did, people would just buy and be happy with one novel for the rest of their lives. Explore a new facet of your theme. Feature expert opinions one week. Post facts and data meticulously gathered for discussion the next. Have a contest the following week. Conduct a poll the week after. Think of your messages as an extension of your blogs or your website. At the end of the day you want to get your recipients to like you so much they want to click back to your website and buy something.

Bear in mind spam laws

Do not be tempted to do list exchanges or purchase “wholesale 1 MILLION opt-in email lists” for $19.99 that sort of crap. Despite the vendor’s advertisements, how do you know for a fact that he did not use a trojan to collect those emails? If you were careful to tell your opt-ins that you have strict privacy policies in order to convince them to do so in the first place, how could it be possible your vendor (or the sources he bought them from) did not do that – meaning that they could be breaking privacy laws and you become an accessory. There is no such thing as a short cut in this business. You will most probably find that 99% of the lists are ‘dead entries’ and you could be hit with a flood of opt-out complaints.

Building your own email list is of paramount importance now because the search engines have been very busy upgrading their algorithm. Whether rightly or wrongly or by sheer bad luck, your high Google PageRank site could find itself on the wrong side of the penalties. And this could happen at any time at all. We have witnessed so many top sites raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars in income annually, fall a dramatic fall. So building your own list buys you that insurance that in the advent that the unthinkable happens, you still have a loyal bunch of followers who will still visit your website, read your blogs, click your ads and buy your products.