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submission serviceYour dream as a website owner is to see your site in top ten in Google, and to reach this high page ranking, in SEO and SEM campaigns, many things have to be changed. It is a matter of strategy, of how you or the service provider you hire will conduct these campaigns. Since bringing a website in top ten is an overwhelming task, if you do not possess the necessary knowledge and skills, it is preferable to hire a specialized team to do the job.

One of the main ways to make your website pass the page ranking test for top ten is to submit it to the search engines, directories or links pages, which, by means of the backlinks created, can drive important traffic to your business. You have two ways to do it:

• Manually;

• Using a submission service.

Manual Submission– More Expensive but Safer

Submitting your website manually to the search engines is time consuming, and, therefore, you have two choices: to either spend your time on doing it yourself or hire a specialized individual or company to replace you in this boring task. So, you have to spend either time or money, no matter how you look at things.

By submitting a site to the search engines manually, many of your links will be approved and you will see spectacular results on the next page ranking test. Manual website submission has 99% chances to get high quality backlinks to your website and propel it towards the page one ranking positions.

There are many link building experts who use this type of site submission and get excellent results. They are capable of bringing your website to a higher rank just by placing your links in spots where there is intense traffic.

Is Using a Search Engine Submission Service Agreed by Google?

Most of the SEO experts claim that using a search engine submission service is simply wasting your time and risking a negative impact on your ranking. Google says that this method could lead to a huge number of unnatural backlinks to a website.

However, many businesses are specialized in automatic submission services. They promise you to submit a website to thousands of directories, search engines and FFAs (Free For All), according to the rules that each search engine has. They even promise to submit your website manually where the automation of this process is forbidden.

Since Google has roughened the ranking rules continuously, it surely does not appreciate links that do not produce organic searches and will de-list those sites that use such links created automatically, by dedicated software.

Tips for the Efficient Submission of Your Website

Here are some tips that will help you submit your site successfully and get a better web page ranking:

• Provide quality content on your website, because people spend their time on the Internet to search for information and they do not want to waste their time with boring sites;

• Use good resources and make your site interesting for its visitors;

• Conduct a research in order to find the keywords that are best related to the specific of your site;

• Try to offer new content that is expected to attract your visitors and makes them come back soon;

• Never make use of spun content;

• Try to present more than one point of view on the topics of your site;

• If you aspire to high website page ranking, try to be objective and judge if you would spend time to visit a website like yours;

• Use keywords carefully; do not abuse by using them with exaggerated densities, because this will entail worse ranking with the search engines; a 1% density is recommended, which means that you should use a keyword once in one hundred words;

• Never use black hat search engine optimization techniques in your link building campaign.

These tips are meant to give you a few guidelines that could help you increase page ranking. A good site will promote itself mainly through its content, but search engine optimization is also necessary in order to get better results. Besides content, a website can be promoted through articles submitted to article directories. Once included in the directories, the articles will provide links to your website and will increase the traffic to it.

Backlinking makes your website attract the attention of the search engines, but if it is associated with sites that have lower page ranks or bad content, this technique will not be effective. This is the reason why you should select your content carefully, because it is your image seen by your visitors and the search engines as well.

Submission services, when chosen carefully, can be of a huge help in your campaigns and bring your site to the top. When talking about a top page ranking, in SEO experts’ language, it means having your website listed on Google’s first results page, because only the first positions bring traffic and sales to a website.

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