Guide on StumbleUpon for Business

StumbleUponStumbleUpon may have lost ground on popularity, yet it is still one of the best social media platforms for marketing your business. While social media marketing with Facebook can give you better milestone, it still helps to diversify your strategies by adding this network to your marketing mix. Having a well-diversified marketing footprint will give your business better visibility in many different social communities where highly-targeted prospects thrive.

Why Use StumbleUpon for Business

There are many solid reasons for using StumbleUpon for business. The network has more than 25 million users, and it is enjoying approximately 1 billion monthly page views. Grabbing a small percentage of the billion page views per month already translate into good traffic to your site.

Aside from that, there are many laser-targeted prospects socializing in the network, and a good percentage of them are not only financially capable but ready to purchase whenever there are exciting deals or good products worthy of buying. Placing your business in front of them will give you better chances of converting these prospects into customers, thereby bringing in more sales and higher income from your business.

5 Tips on Marketing Your Business with StumbleUpon

Start Stumbling and Liking

One of the first few things that you can do to is to start stumbling interests and to like or unlike the stumbles of other users. But before you do that, it is best to download and install first the StumbleUpon social bookmark tool bar. This will make it easier for you to stumble and like web contents with just a click of a button.

A thumb down doesn’t necessarily mean that the content is not good but it can also mean that it is irrelevant to your interests, so the network will not give you such type of contents in the future. This will make it more accurate to find stumbles in the future that are aligned with your interests. But if you like the post, you can rate it by simply pushing the thumb up sign.

One good benefit of stumbling contents is that you can find interesting contents and learn some tips shared by the other stumblers. Many members are sharing high quality posts and you can quickly find these posts by properly filtering the content that will show up in your feed.

Add Links to Interesting Web Pages

Aside from stumbling, you can also add links to pages that are awe-inspiring and truly amazing. Observe proper variation in the web pages to add. It should have an appropriate mixture of outside contents, as well as posts from your site. Make sure to properly place the contents that you add in the right category. This will make it more quickly found by the right people.

When adding your own contents do it sparingly; otherwise, other members will think that you are spamming the network with your marketing activities. Others will also think that you are directly advertising to them, which is highly discouraged since this can potentially get you banned in the end.

Some successful marketers are observing the 90-10 rule. This means 90% of their added contents consist of web pages of other members, while the remaining 10% are from their blogs. By following this rule, you should encounter no issues in this network and your social marketing activities should be without flaw.

You can also conduct split-tests to improve the visibility of your contents by raising your percentage to 80-20. This also works best in many cases. The main point here is to ensure that most of your stumbles are from outside sources while the minority from yours. This is to avoid being suspected as a spammer.

Nonetheless, when inserting links you have to make sure that the contents add value to the community. You will be judged by what you shared to them, and people will respect you for the type and quality of the contents that you contributed to the social network.

Get StumbleUpon Followers and Socially Engage

While you can attain success even with only a few followers to your profile, it is best to have as many fans as you can. Typical to all social networks, having massive social followers can boost your campaign. This will also expand the visibility of your contents. On top of that, you can build better relationship among your fans since you can stumble each other’s interests.

You can get StumbleUpon fans by engaging with them, or by following like-minded members. You can also buy StumbleUpon followers from highly-trusted services to boost your campaign. In any case, build and grow your fanbase to gain traction in your social marketing.

Use the StumbleUpon Badge

The network provides a free HTML to all members who would like to install the badge in their respective website. The badge identifies you as a member, and if other users see the badge in your blog many of them may not only stumble your blog but also rate it with a thumb up sign. But more importantly, the badge can help motivate other members to add your website to their profile, thereby giving it better chances for exponential growth in visibility and traffic.

Advertise You Product Using the Paid Discovery

If you are dead serious in growing your business, then you must have set aside a couple of bucks for investment on advertising. And if you are looking for the best places to advertise your business then this social network is one of them. Google has Google Adsense. Facebook has its own Facebook ads.

For this bookmarking site, it’s called Paid Discovery. The ads payment scheme is quite simple, for every unique visit the charge is only $0.10. But if you are aiming to engage the target audience, the charge is $0.15 per click. Choose what is best for your business and you will observe that your traffic will not only overflow with laser-targeted prospects but your sales and income will improve as well.

Parting Message

In link building for SEO, Google encouraged link diversification for better results. Likewise, your social media marketing must also be well-diversified. It should not only be completely concentrated on the more popular and the leading networks like Twitter and Facebook. By adding StumbleUpon to your social marketing mix, you get better traction in your marketing.

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