Harnessing the Power of Online Readers for Marketing

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online readers for marketingOnline readers are great tools that allow you to easily find the stuffs that interest you by subscribing to their feeds. Every time each website that you subscribed to publishes a post, it will show up in your reader and you can immediately read the article without visiting the web post. It is like having your own customized online magazine. But the best part is only contents that are aligned with your interest will show up since you voluntarily subscribed to the feeds, thereby giving you well-enhanced user-experience.

It is also equipped with a unique feature that allows you to easily track the contents that you have already read, so that you won’t have to go through all the posts just to see if they were already read or not. This can save you a lot of time browsing through all the fresh posts coming from feeds in various resources. Online readers are actually nothing new since they have been around for many years and since then they have attracted many users across the globe.

How to Use Google Reader for Marketing

A reader is not just an online storage of your favorite posts, but you can use online readers for marketing. Many marketers have now joined the bandwagon of using this powerful tool to promote something on the web.

Improved Social Media Sharing

There are many ways to use the Reader for promotion; one of them is to further enhance your social media marketing.  You can integrated it with social media marketing. Aside from that, you can also easily add your followers in Twitter into your Reader. By doing this you can track who among your followers are key influencers. You can also quickly see their connections and tap on a good resource of people with expanded influence in the online marketplace.

An online reader can also be used to improve your YouTube marketing campaign. Just like Twitter, you can add your followers in YouTube and spy on the activities of key influencers. You can also monitor which videos are trending and viewed by influential people. You can then actively engage in the comment section in order to build harmonious business relations with them.

Enhanced Content Marketing System

With this tool beside you, content curation and article marketing becomes easier. You can save a lot of time looking for ideas from different highly-respected sources since all that resources are there. You can even organize your feeds and categorize them accordingly. You can group all posts on certain topic under a single folder and store other posts in another folder. Some examples of folders you can create to effectively group the articles are as follows: SEO, internet marketing, social media, blogging, making money online, and so on.

Improve Your Blogging Performance

Having all posts in one place, you will never run out of ideas because there are plenty of topics to talk about. Thus, this is perfect for bloggers who need fresh topics to blog. Researching for fresh topics can be relatively taxing; it is time-consuming as well.  But if you have the reader, all fresh posts from different blogs that you have subscribed will automatically show up in your dashboard. You don’t have to surf the net anymore searching for ideas. New posts are already there, and you will just have to choose the feeds that you want to talk about. You can even get different ideas from different posts and come up with your own unique article on related topics.


However, you must be extra careful not to copy the entire article of your resources; otherwise, you might end up facing plagiarism issues. To make your posts unique, read through all related articles and then start writing about the topic based on your understanding.

Track Your Campaign Performance

Some readers have interesting feature, which is the Feed Stats. This provides the analytics to the feeds that you added. You can track the number of subscribers to each feed, including the number of shares and likes to your favorite contents in various social networks like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. The analytics will further show you which feeds are popular, and what days in a week that they received the highest views.

Moreover, you may also add the RSS of your blog posts to the Reader so that you can track the performance. The tool will show you how many pins each post received, and how many times it is tweeted. The data that you will obtain from the feed stats will help you better modify your strategies by focusing more on topics that are well-received by your target audience to maximize your efforts and time.

Enhance Your Guest Blogging

One of the best ways to expand the exposure of your online business is to publish guest posts in popular blogs that already enjoy high readership. Each guest post will create a nice link to your web page. This can give you a boost in traffic from your readers that appreciate the value that you provided in your articles.

One of the initial challenges of guest blogging is looking for the best blogs to apply as a guest blogger. But the search becomes easier if you are using the Reader. This will allow you to track what the popular blogs are now talking about. You can then create similar posts to attract many viewers to your guest post.

Easily Promote Your RSS Feeds to your Target Audience

If you add related blogs to your Reader account, you can easily expand the visibility of your blog to target audience. These blogs have the readership that is somewhat similar to yours.  So if you want to promote your RSS feed then all you have to do is to place some comments in the posts of these popular blogs. They will usually ask for your web url before you can post a comment. You can then insert your web address or your RSS url to capture more people to subscribe to your feeds.

An Online Reader and Your Business

The Reader may not be able to help you in your marketing on its own, but it can significantly enhance your campaign to attain optimum results. It is fully integrated with great features that can remarkably improve your marketing efficiency. This is an excellent tool not just for marketers and bloggers but for personal use. Surfing for the information that you want can take time to get to the right blogs that publish high quality articles. But if you subscribe to their feeds, you don’t have to search anymore since fresh posts will automatically come to your dashboard.

You can spend hours each week reading all your favorite news and articles all in one place, while at the same time market your business to your target audience during working time using the same tool.  Many marketers who are already aware of the amazing power of an online for marketing are now using it to supercharge their campaign. Don’t be left out by your competitors by not harnessing on the power of this tool. While Google took down the Google Reader, there are good Google Readers alternatives that allow you to continue your RSS marketing to get traffic.