How Can Article Submissions and Website Directory Submissions Benefit Your Business?

SEO submission servicesIf you have invested a great deal into creating an attractive and informative website, but your conversion rates are still stagnating and you don’t see the expected boost in your sales figures either, you definitely need to improve your site’s page ranking. Having a great website in itself will never do the job alone – you need to make it visible on search engine results pages so that your potential customers can find you and become your actual customers. If you want to use your company website to its full capacity, there are numerous, simple, efficient and relatively cheap tools you can make use of to improve your site’s position on search engine results pages – the following points summarize two of these ways, article publishing and web directory submissions.

Article Submitting – Share Your Knowledge and Search Engines will Reward Your Website

One of the best ways to improve your page ranking is by publishing informative texts about the niche you are interested in on article directories. If you publish high-quality, relevant content on carefully chosen and authoritative websites, you will not only establish yourself as a helpful and reliable marketer or service provider, but you can also improve your ranking by helping your site get more backlinks (links to your website coming from other, third-party websites, considered by search engines to be important votes of confidence from your audience).

These texts, also known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) articles are usually between 300 and 1000 words in length and they should tackle a problem frequently encountered in your area of business, something that helps and informs your potential customers.

The articles must be structured around certain keywords that are most frequently entered on search engines by internet users interested in services or products related to your niche, but the content of the articles usually does not advertise your products, it only provides help. Each article contains an author’s box which will tell your reader about your company in short and will contain a link to the landing page of your website.

If you want to create and submit an article relating to your business, you first of all need to find the right keywords. There are various tools you can use on the internet, like the keyword tool provided by Google Adwords. The tools will display numerous keyword variations you can structure your articles around and they will also display how competitive each keyword is.

Once you have created your articles, it is time to publish them. To submit an article, you need to find the right media for it. There are many article directories on the web that publish your texts free of charge, while others practice a small fee. Some of the most authoritative directories of this type are, or, and you must be aware that they have become well-known and appreciated for a reason: the articles submitted to these sites are reviewed by an expert team of editors and they are published only if they are high-quality, informative and original texts.

If you consider text creation and article distribution too daunting of a task, you can either find individual article writers who will create your content for you in a professional manner, or you can hire an article writing and submission service to take care of your SEO campaign for you.

Submissions to Web Directories

Publishing your website URL on article directories is also hugely beneficial for your page ranking. These directories work in a way similar to a phone book or the Yellow Pages: when an internet user is looking for products or services, he or she will most likely consult one of these online directories to find a company in the neighborhood that provides the services sought for. Just like in the case of article directories, there are free website listings and there are others that charge monthly fees for publishing your URL, but if you choose highly authoritative web directories, you can benefit of all the advantages of being listed on an established and widely known media.

As an additional advantage, directory submissions will also generate valuable, high-quality backlinks to your website, increasing its ranking and helping your internet marketing campaign a lot.

Just like in the case of article submissions, there are companies that provide excellent SEO submission services. These companies will know exactly how to choose the best directories for you and also how to publish your website URL in the most effective, yet most cost-efficient manner.

Both article publishing and web directory submissions represent a strategic investment that can bring you closer to your existing and potential clients and increase your page ranking in a natural, organic way, establishing you as a reliable vendor or service provider, with a website that deservedly occupies one of the top positions on search engine results pages.

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