How To Add More Quality and Usable Backlinks

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add more quality linksIf you think that building just any backlink is already enough in helping your site improve its search engine ranking, then you are wrong. In fact, it requires skills and some insights on the basic of backlinking before you start to add backlinks to your site that really works in increasing its page.

It is important to note that backlinking, while it is simple to do, is a relatively tedious process that demands a lot of time on your part. Aside from that, it also requires an excellent strategy that is flexible to the ever-changing algorithms and ranking parameters of Google and the top search engines.

So if you are planning on building backlinks to your site then get a plan and start working on it. But make sure that your strategies are updated with the most recent developments among the search engines to make them work well in bringing great results.

Backlinking in the Past

In the past, backlinking used to be more focused on quantity. Thus, websites with the most numbers of backlinks are the ones dominating the top pages, while those sites that have little or no backlinks at all are left to thrive in the succeeding pages far from the top with little chances of getting found via the search engines.

Fortunately, the changes in ranking parameters have made things better for those who are providing good value in their sites to their visitors, even if there are only few backlinks pointing to the site, while penalizing sites with poor quality contents but have plenty of backlinks.

As a result of the search engine changes, particularly the Panda update in 2011 and the most recent Google Penguin update in 2012, the field of backlinking as a search engine optimization technique has been equalized.

Backlinking Today

At present, backlinking is focused on quality rather than quantity. No matter how many backlinks are pointing to your site, but if the quality of the links is poor then you will not get tremendous results.

Therefore, whatever your strategies are, focus on quality. Don’t just create links for the sake of increasing them; it will not work that way as it used to be before.

Today, even if you have few backlinks but coming from reliable and high authority source, then it will be given higher ranking points compared to inferior sites with a lot of poor-quality backlinks. Additionally, you should also focus your link building at sites with higher page rank in Google, and avoid creating links from sites with zero page rank because they have little bearing in search engine optimization.

According to some experts, when you create an outbound link to your site from a high PR website, that link passes on the high PR influence of that site to your website, thereby improving its search engine ranking. It is for this reason that many bloggers today are shifting all their backlinking efforts on sites with good page rank for better results.

It’s no wonder then that a lot of link building services are now offering different plans that that are more focused on catering to your specific needs. You can choose to avail of either the high PR backlinks plan, or the medium PR backlinking plan at a lesser cost. Some services even have more targeted backlinking plans like a dot edu backlink plan. Either way, you can choose what fits your needs if you intend to outsource the entire tasks.


Therefore, if you are planning to add backlinks to your site then make sure to create them at high PR sources. You have plenty of options to choose from. You can opt to create these links at the article directories, at several forums, at social bookmarking sites, at popular social sites, and at web directories among others.

It is also suggested to mix your links; many will be coming from high PR sources, and a few will come from medium PR sites to make your links look natural in the eyes of search engines.

Do Follow and No Follow Links

Another important aspect of backlinking is to take note of the do follow and no follow backlink attributes. If you have no idea on what these things mean, then you better understand what they are because you will most likely to encounter these attributes when you create backlinks.

A ‘do follow’ attribute is a sort of an instruction to the search engine crawlers to follow the outbound link and pass on its high PR influence to the site. The ‘no follow’ attribute is the otherwise. Thus, search engine bots will just crawl on the ‘no follow’ link and will not follow the hyperlink. In other words, if you create a link from a ‘no follow’ site, then that link will not be considered when search engines re-evaluate the ranking of your website.

By simply knowing the meaning, you will already know what to do; avoid building links at ‘no follow’ sites and create them only at ‘do follow’ sites. Likewise, if you want to create an outbound link in your site and you don’t want that link to be followed, just insert the ‘no follow’ attribute in the hyperlink. You can insert this attribute in HTML format as shown:

<a rel=‘nofollow’ href=””>My Website</a>

or here…. <a href=”” rel= ‘nofollow’ >My Website</a>

This is best when linking to another website as a reference to back your statement and make your content more credible among the readers. You can do the same if you are citing a site in compliance to the use of an image and you don’t want to pass on the high PR influence of your site to the outbound link.

Reciprocal Link

When building backlinks, you will also encounter reciprocal link offers from other bloggers. As the term implies, this simply means creating a link at another site in exchange for linking that site from your own website for the benefit of both ends.

While this used to be effective and popular in the past, you must avoid such offers today because Google is now keeping a watchful eye on sites with too many reciprocal links. Bear in mind that Google wants links to be natural, and reciprocal links are no longer natural backlinks.

At this point, most of the basics on how to add backlinks have already been discussed. You must be able to start building good quality backlinks to your site and improve its ranking among the major search engines.