How To Find High PR Backlinks



When you are a small business owner and trying to set up a webpage, it can be an overwhelming process. Even if you are a medium sized business or one with some resources available, the pressure to create a beautiful webpage that is not only user friendly but one that makes sense to the SEO gods is high. Without a great website based on SEO principles, your website has the chance to fail. And no one likes to fail or else you wouldn’t be going in to business in the first place! So what can you do in order to get to the top of the industry you are in? Create a great website with relevant information, quality backlinks and with keywords relevant to your business.

Finding high PR backlinks is sometimes difficult to do. But you will want to search for only the places that will get you recognized in a positive manner that will increase your rankings. Some of these ways include:

Use Software to Get Ahead

Using software to locate quality links is a method that is fast, but will cost you additional money. There are different software packages available, so you do have options when it comes to price. You can search for a program that simply looks for sites that will work with your site. Then you can go in manually and contact the webmaster and get permission to do a link exchange with them.

Otherwise you can get software which not only finds the links but sends out messages and contacts the people for you. Then all you need to do is add the link and you are on your way. Software is also nice to have because it will monitor all of the links to your site so you can see what is quality and what is not. If it comes down to it, you could remove negative ones or ones that could potentially harm your ranking because of their associations.

Read the Directories

This might seem boring, but the articles in the directories are actually full of useful information. Do you see one that pertains to your industry? Follow their links and then either do a link exchange with them or ask if they will link with you. Then you can also write your own articles and get them posted on this site so people can start to recognize you and request to link with you.

The articles don’t need to be terribly long, usually between 400 and 800 words. Just make sure that it contains information that is useful, with the correct keyword density and on a topic that matters to your business. People will see your professionalism and think you are an expert in that field and want to follow you. The more people who see can result in more sales and connections made.

Scan Press Releases Online

Read through the press releases on line and then create your own when you have a newsworthy event coming up. You don’t simply just need to advertise a new product you are selling, but other things the company does as well. Do you do a food drive every spring to boost the local food pantry? Take pictures and show how you support your local area. People like to do business with others who care about the small towns they live in. That means you. A press release ahead of time can get people interested in what you are doing and even offer to help. Once you have interaction with customers you will have them more likely to remain loyal to you.

Update all SEO Data

Keeping your SEO data accurate is also important in getting and finding high PR backlinks. You only want people and businesses that are relevant to you to link up to, so they need to know exactly what it is that you do and serve. They can only know that information when you provide keywords and phrases as to what you do. If there is a change along the way, make sure to note it in your website information, but also in the META information that was used to set up the page. The information can always be revised and edited, so stay on top of it and make the changes as soon as they occur.

SEO data is also taken from your website on the articles or blogs it contains. If something isn’t happening in your business anymore, you can always delete an article and remove a keyword. But keep what you are doing listed so you don’t drop in search engine rankings unfairly. For example, if you aren’t selling apple products anymore and only pumpkin, then you might want to remove the links to the apple recipe sites and apple products listed. Down the road they could appear as fluff since it isn’t what your business does anymore. The spiders could accidentally penalize you since you aren’t focusing on pumpkins, even though apples used to be a specialty.

Join Social Media Sites

In your personal life you might have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and others, but does your business? You and your business should be separate entities and have their own accounts to make contacts. You don’t want all of your business news to go out on your personal status updates on Facebook, so make a new page just for your product or service.

You can even cultivate more fans when you have a page just for your product because then it will advertise itself. People can see the picture or recognize the name of the product and click like. They won’t necessarily have an idea what your name is and how to find your personal page on Facebook. The same goes for all of the other accounts. Set up one for the business and actively promote your webpage through the signature or links in it.

Get high PR backlinks in a variety of methods so your website is always doing something new. When the spiders crawl across your page, they will see all of the different activity and that it is coming from a lot of different places and reward it for doing so. The more varied the links and data is coming through your site, the more original and interesting the spiders assume it is. Sites like that are placed higher with Google and Yahoo! alike, so take the time to be original and relevant, no matter what market or industry you are in.

Getting backlinks to your site can be time consuming, especially in the beginning right after it has been set up. But it is worth the time to do and do correctly because your page could go from #200 all the way up to #5 in a matter of weeks with the right backlinks, the right keywords used in articles and the right people commenting and using your page. The higher you are will only mean more people can comment and link to you, so all of that hard work in the beginning will pay off and be fruitful.

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