How to Get Good Quality Backlinks

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get good quality backlinksWhen it comes to backlinks, you’ll want to have a solid strategy. It’s easy to find hundreds of different opinions and strategies but there is an even larger number of obsolete approaches to acquiring backlinks. The end result is most often less than satisfactory. More times than not, your website will actually lose traffic in the process.

Let’s look at how to get quality backlinks and make them stick so they provide real long term value. By now, if you’re not thoroughly confused, we’ll be covering lots of information to help you, but it will be in an easy to follow, step by step process.

Step 1. To get backlinks to your website you must understand that this is a mission critical campaign and you want to focus on the processes with that level of commitment. Getting backlinks is not a one shot deal. The process must be ongoing and well thought out. In order to achieve effective levels of search engine optimization, a solidly built set of practices must be in place. This first step is designed to help you get the right mindset, which means, focus on quality and quantity and you are on the right track to begin the journey for your campaign.

Step 2. Starting out you will want to take care of the basics. For starters, you’ll want to submit your website to directories. There are literally millions of directories on the internet, all designed very much like a digital version of the Yellow Pages. There are dozens upon dozens of unique and not so unique categories to choose from for posting information about your website. You’ll want to choose two or more appropriate categories to help spread your net to get backlinks. It is absolutely important that you don’t spam the directory with your links and information if they are not related to the niche category that matches your website’s content. This is a powerful tool, but don’t ruin it and miss out on a ton of valuable backlinks that point to your website.

Be sure to write a clear description that outlines what you do, who you are, your mission and your services. Keep it brief but treat it as though it is a resume being presented to a few million potential employers.

Step 3. Submit content to free article directories that are compatible with your niche. This will help you get backlinks and improve your Google page rank as well. You’ll want to write good quality articles that provide information that is helpful and interesting to readers. By doing this well, other web masters will re-post your articles on their websites thereby giving your site even more backlinks, as long as you remember to add two or three links with anchor text to your article or resource box. Always check the ToS for the article site so you’ll know the rules of the road. You’ve done too much work to overlook the rules which may lead to your article being deleted. Pay attention to the rules and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.


Step 4. Perform a search for blogs in niches that are a good match for the subject matter posted on your website. There are hundreds of thousands of blogs covering nearly every subject under the sun. You can post comments on the blog posts you find interesting and generate backlinks in the process. While this may sound too manual and tedious, there are a few dozen great software programs available to make this a very simple task. And once you’re making money online, you can outsource this task and let someone else get backlinks for you.

Step 5. Create a Squidoo lens and make money while you get backlinks to your site by the dozens. The “lens” creating process is very simple and it’s free. And the process is actually much simpler than creating a blog. The company has a click by click system and provides revenue opportunities so you can even sell products and services while promoting your own. And you get paid while building backlinks. You can also build a following if your product is of good quality and has lots of attractive features and benefits.

Step 6. Join a few forums. If this is new information to you, forums are very much like online communities of like minded internet marketers or fishing enthusiasts or just about anything from A to Z, Do a search for forums and you’ll find thousands to choose from.

The benefit of joining a forum, in addition to feeding your backlinks campaign, is you can meet lots of individuals who network through forums to help each other grow their businesses. It’s like a virtual pay-it-forward type of place, when they work as designed. Naturally, some are better than others.

Your first important assignment, once you join a forum, is to create your profile. The next step is to create your signature which is where you’ll be able to post your anchor text, and naturally, that is how your backlinks campaign will get a major boost from your forum joining activities.

While there are dozens of other ideas you could act on to get backlinks, the above tips are a good start to building a solid foundation. Take your time and build it slow and steady. The reward will blow your mind, especially when you see your website on page 1 of Google’s results for your niche.