How to Get More Website Visitors

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how to get more website visitors


Do you need traffic to your website, but you just don’t know how to get more website visitors? Too many Webmasters are facing this problem, and you need to stop it now before your online business dies from financial starvation. Here are four powerful marketing ideas that will help open the floodgates and deliver all the traffic you will ever need. Just make sure to follow these methods correctly; you can’t afford any problems when it comes to generating traffic.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is one of the few common Internet marketing techniques that hasn’t been changed much by Penguin. There have been changes, but the method of social bookmarking itself remains largely the same.

A social bookmarking website is like a directory and social network fused into one. Users are there to post up websites they find, and other users can vote on how good those websites are. If you know anything about backlinking, then you can see how this is a natural place to insert your backlink.

Most social bookmarking websites just give you a NoFollow link, but the emphasis on social networking brought on from Penguin has increased the value of these links. Because of this, the links still do count to an extent, and they will help your search engine rank. Not only that, but you will get some traffic from the bookmarking site itself.

Speaking of Penguin, what has changed about this marketing method? You will still be putting your links up as usual. There is really no trick to it. Just post your link and type an optimized description.

The difference is that you need to stick with quality bookmarking websites. There are many big names out there like Digg, StumbleUpon and Buzznet. These are trusted names that are still doing well after the Penguin update.

What you have to watch out for are the smaller bookmarking websites. If the website doesn’t offer any value to visitors, then it was probably hit by Penguin. Make sure there is a good amount of social interaction and no blackhat techniques, and you should be fine posting your website there.

Give Away Free Stuff

Give away something for free. People love free things, and they will often link to your website to bring in other people for the free ebook, case study, graphics pack or whatever you can make.

This is an easy way to get traffic if you are creative, but what if your natural talents aren’t in writing, Web or graphic design? Just sit down and think about something that will interest your readers.

For example, say you run an insomnia website. People are always looking for tips to help their insomnia, so you could make a top 10 tips report to help this condition. People will usually download these items, but most of the initial traffic is just going to your download page.

How do you sustain that traffic? There are two things you can do. First, and most popular, is to ask for their email address before they can download the product. You can easily do this with most email marketing programs. Just send them the download link via email, and in exchange you can stay connected with them.

This allows you to tell them about new sales, things going on in the company and anything else that will make them come back.

The second thing you can do is put a lock on it. Some programs allow you to lock the download link, and it will only be unlocked if the person makes a post on Facebook or Twitter about the free product. This encourages all of their friends to download the item. Just make sure you put your URL in the ebook or report so they will keep coming back.


Become an Authority

Gaining an authority status seems like it should be difficult, but it’s really not. You just need to build your personal brand, and you need to make people aware of your expertise. It’s really not that hard once you know what to do.

First, find out what you are good at. While some people fake knowing their niche, you should actually know a lot about your topic. If you don’t, then this can blow up in your face. Lying can be disastrous, so if you don’t know enough, then start learning.

Next, put yourself out there. This is really a combination of other common internet marketing methods, such as article marketing, blogging and video marketing. However, you are shifting the focus.

Most of these marketing methods focus on the niche, and put your business or website as a secondary topic. Instead, you are showing people that you know a lot about the topic, so the niche takes a bit of a backseat. This is about marketing you specifically.

For example, say your niche is making money. Normal Internet marketing is about creating articles like this: “making money online,” “make money at home” and “Internet riches in bed.” They are made to satisfy the niche.

Authority status is about your thoughts on the niche. While you should still focus on your niche, the predominant focus is your own knowledge.

Write a few articles and blog posts about what you know. You should also make a few videos on YouTube about this. Instead of capturing people as they are looking for information on the niche, you will soon find that people are looking for you to see what you are saying and doing.

Viral Marketing

This is one of the harder methods to pull off, but it has been so incredibly effective that it would be a waste to not try it once. Many businesses have seen a 500-700% increase from good viral marketing, and it is rather easy to do.

The hardest part is thinking about something that will spread. You need a video or article that people will want to come to over and over again. It also needs to be powerful enough to make people share it with their friends.

Most of the videos and articles used in viral marketing spark emotions, are humorous or they cause debates. For example, Blend-Tec made videos about their blenders. Instead of showing how good they were against ice and food, they blended a digital camera, a broom and fake diamonds. The marketing took off fast because it was different, funny and really showed the power of the blender.

You need to make something that people want to see. You also need to make sure it can be easily shared. This was a problem years ago, but it is easy now. Posting something on YouTube or any social network makes it easy for people to pass it around, thereby making social media marketing common today.

You will often get a huge amount of backlinks if the viral marketing takes off, and a good percentage of those people will be interested in buying your products or using your services.


Everyone needs more website traffic, but most Webmasters just don’t know how to get more website visitors. These four methods have all been proven, and you can easily get a lot more traffic if you follow them. If you use these methods as instructed, then you should have no more problems with traffic. Just try them out, and see how they work for you.