How To Get Website Traffic From Google Searches

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google searchIf you are one of the million and more businesses trying to get their site noticed on the internet, then you know just how competitive it can be. Even if you provide great products and services, that doesn’t guarantee that people are going to come flocking to your page. There are a lot of factors that go in to getting website traffic, and unfortunately, very few of them have to do with quality services or even affordable prices. Instead, it all comes down to the all-important Google search. Right now Google makes up for about 60% of web searches. With that being more than half, that’s definitely a place where you need your business to be. Once you get your website listed in the Google search engine though, the battle is not over.

Multiple Relevant Keywords

When you first create your site, you’ll be asked about the content that goes on it and what keywords should be related to it. You have to target the right keywords with high global searches but with minimal competition. It’s important to pick more than one keyword too. The more keywords people can search to bring your site up in the search results, the more likely your link will get clicked.

It will also be necessary to make sure those same keywords show up within the content on your page. If your keywords are truly relevant, then they should come up naturally in multiple places and on multiple pages throughout your site. You will want to make sure not to overdo keyword use though. Otherwise, Google will penalize you for keyword stuffing and lower your search engine ranking.

High Search Engine Ranking

If you have enough keywords within quality content, it can help boost your search engine ranking. This is important, because most search engine users will not click past the first page of results, even though there may be hundreds more that came up than just what is on the first page. You can further improve your search engine ranking by linking your site to other reputable sites. It’s important that these sites get a lot of traffic and have not been penalized by Google.

Otherwise, if the sites you are linking to and from are bad, Google will assume your site is as well and lower your ranking. A great way to connect to result improving sites is by putting your link on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Also, the longer your site exists and gets updated, the more trusted it becomes to Google and the more clicks it should receive.

Name Brand Recognition

Even if your website does come up near the top of Google’s search results, if nobody has ever heard of your company, they still might not be willing to click. Establishing a sense of trust through name brand recognition is important. You want people to remember seeing your company name before, so that if it pops up, they will remember it as a reputable company that many people buy from. You can establish better name brand recognition by getting your company on the many social media sites so it can get exposed to a lot of people fast.


You can even buy fans for these sites, which helps increase your exposure and get introduced to target fans, who could be potential customers down the road. If those people have seen you on their favorite sites, they’ll be much more likely to click your website if it comes up in their keyword search.

Clever and Concise Description

If your site is towards the top of the rankings and people have yet to recognize your brand name, your website meta description will be all the more important. You’ll only have a sentence or two in which to describe your site, which means you’ll need it to be as concise as possible. The description should let viewers know what information, products, or services they can find at your site. It should also be written in a clever way in order to entice them to click to see more. Although most people simply click the first site that comes up, others will take the time to read at least a few descriptions before making their choice. Take a look at your competitor’s descriptions and try to come up with something that shows that you are in the same category but that also makes you stand out in some way, hopefully a positive one. Using descriptors like, “A leader in…” or “…serving customers since…” or “the best…” can give your business a sense of credibility that will tempt browsers to click.

Attractive Front Page

When it comes to simply getting someone to click your search engine link so you can get traffic, you might not think the appearance of your front page is a factor. These days though, it’s actually a very important one. Many of today’s browsers give search engine users the option to see a preview of the page the link points to. They can do this by hovering their mouse over the link, making a thumbnail picture of the site pop up on the right side of the page. From there they can decide if it looks like a site they want to enter. In order to attract them with your front page, you’ll want a very professional design with bright colors and some big media features.

A big picture for instance, will be much easier for them to see on that thumbnail than many smaller ones. You’ll want to go big with your title and logo too. The more professional and recognizable the items on your front page, the more likely people will click. If all of these strategies still don’t work for you though, you can always hire an SEO team who knows how to get website traffic to your business’ site so you can focus on business.