Boost Your Link Popularity, Know How!

link popularityLink popularity is a vital component of search optimization designed to improve a webpage’s standings on modern search engine algorithms. Specifically speaking, link popularity deduces whether or not other sites are linking to a particular web page, and then boosts that page’s standings based on how many other websites are linking with it. It’s another system in an increasingly complex optimization code that aims to improve the results of search engines like Google and Bing, but where link popularity distinguishes itself from the pack is with the distinction it makes between page ranking and popularity; namely that the two are separate factors that do not contribute to each other insofar as the algorithm is concerned. In fact, link popularity is the original factoring engine that determines much of the ranking results, with programs like Google PageRank being a subset of that.

There are two types of backlinking systems that increase a website’s link popularity, and depending on the search engine, one or both of these systems will be implemented into the ranking algorithms. The first system derives information from the links of other sites that are impacted by the same keyword or phrase that focused the original website, and the second system calculates ranking based off how links are associated with relevant in the search engine portals and directories. What this means to the average small business, blogger or publishers is that websites that have very little to do with your own do not constitute much of a factor when calculating your link popularity. Search engine optimization techniques necessitate link popularity to be derived from similar websites with similar keyword phrases.

But businesses and blogs should not misunderstand the importance of link popularity. This website optimization tool is a factor that contributes to the ranking of a webpage, but it is not the only factor, and despite its substantive presence in the field of search engine optimization, link popularity is not the biggest factors contributing to most ranking algorithms. Google, for example, appears to place a large portion of its algorithm on incoming links as opposed to link popularity, and industry opinions are split on exactly how important link popularity is to major engines that are supposed to run a platform and algorithm derived from industry leaders like Google.

Achieving link popularity has a formula none too different from the search engines themselves. Because most businesses and bloggers don’t have to means to pay off other websites for linking to them, the vast majority of the online businesses rely on quality in order to achieve this quantity of linking popularity. Launching a business or blog that is specific to a target audience and a field will naturally saturate that content into the audience, provided the audience responds positively to it.

In this sense achieving link popularity is an organic process that publishers only have so much control over. Link popularity, by the very nature in which it is deduced, tabulated and calculated into the search engine algorithm, is out of the Webmaster’s hands. It’s recommended that prospective businesses and bloggers spend their time creating a distinct and enjoyable website, network with like-minded websites and audiences, and let the naturalistic process of strategic backlink building take its course.

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