Impact of Paid Leads Generation on SEO

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You might find it hard to believe that using the paid leads generation services will actually improve the search engine ranking of your online shop in Google and in other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. This is contrary to what many SEO experts are saying, which is to avoid such method because this is bad for SEO. You can dispute their arguments by doing it with supreme efficiency in order to make it work in not just getting loads of targeted leads but to improve the page rank as well.

This method is only bad for SEO and bad for your investment if you buy visitors from traffic-exchange networks and from bad methods that include adult hits as well as those from malicious sources.

There are a few companies that use this scheme in achieving the promised numbers of hits to their clients. They are the firms that you must avoid at all cost because they will not only waste your hard-earned savings but put your site in danger of being blacklisted by the search engines for the black hat method.

Reasons Why This is Good for SEO

One of the main reasons why this is good for SEO is due to increased popularity. The more popular your site is the better will be its page rank. As the visitor count is increased, search engine will begin to think that it has gained popularity due to good quality contents. This is particularly true to getting good Alexa page rank, but it also works well in Google. Popularity is normally measured by the number of links, but a certain percentage is also attributed to the number of hits.

Furthermore, visitors have great influence on SEO because their activities within the pages can greatly help in giving the page a better rank. If one of the pages receives high monthly page-views with some on-page activities that include clicks on outbound links, then it means that it contains some valuable information that the readers find useful.

However, you must be extra careful when funneling the flow of link juices to a particular page. Don’t instantly explode the number but do it gradually. Apparently, there is something wrong if a certain page gets a sudden boost in page views, and after a short while it goes back to the normal level. This only signals one thing – the hits were being manipulated and most probably paid for, which is not good in the eyes of Google that wants natural flow of visitors.

Therefore, when opting for this method, look for firms that allow you to make some changes in the middle of the campaign, thereby giving you the chance to change the target url to another page. There are even some companies that allow you to customize further by limiting the number of visits per day up to a maximum level of your choice. You can then set the level to make it look natural and prevent suspicion.

Tips on Making this Option Work

It is not enough just to purchase your leads. You must also so something to further magnify the effects and maximize the results. Here are some tips that can help you align your paid leads campaign with your SEO goals.

Provide Top Quality Contents that are worth Sharing

Content is king, not just in increasing better conversion but also in harnessing the power of social media. Thus, provide world-class quality contents that will spark viral campaign. If you provide useful insights and powerful breaking news in your pages, viewers will be compelled to share them with their friends in order to spread the news. Make sure to insert the social media buttons in every page to leverage their power of social media in expanding the exposure of your blog to a wider audience.


Among the hot topics that are worth sharing with others are latest gadgets, interesting facts and stats, breaking news, celebrity gossips, health developments, and ground-breaking products among others. The more interesting your posts are the more readers will share them to their networks of friends and fans in various social networks. This will further increase the number of visitors while at the same time create more backlinks, thereby improving its page ranking in Google.

Another way to convince more people to push one of the share buttons is to offer them some incentives. You can give your readers some freebies like a free digital-book download after Tweeting your post. You can also do the same for Facebook likes. Be creative in your offers and soon enough more viewers will take the bait and make your pages widely-shared in various social networks.

Take note that each social share is equivalent to a single a link pointing to your specific web page, which is also equivalent to high-quality backlink. Thus, the more shares your pages get, the more backlinks will be created. This is good for SEO, isn’t it?

Aside from social networks, you can also tap on the power of RSS feeds. Provide a RSS button at the end of each post and give your readers a couple of incentives if they subscribe to your feeds. When readers are subscribed to the RSS feeds, a preview of each post in your blog will be posted in the widget of their blogs as well. This is another source of backlinks.

Ask and You Shall Receive

Sometimes, all it takes to get the readers to share your posts with others is to simply ask them. Insert a call-to-action statement at the end of your web content, asking your readers to share it with their friends if they find it useful and valuable. Many of them will gladly comply as a sort of compliment for the priceless information that you shared with them. Just do it and this works wonder.

Similarly, the more people shares your post, the better in SEO perspective because of the backlinks created in sharing, and the increase in popularity of your posts and pages.

Get Engage with Your Readers

Make use of the comment section of your post. Answer the queries and ask your readers to post a comment. An active engagement in the comment section is a sign that you are genuine in helping others by answering their questions. Consequently, this will move other readers to refer your post to their fans and followers in social networks.

Therefore, paid leads is one of the best marketing solutions to achieve the desired level of visitor count, while at the same time increases the page rank of your web-pages as well. So don’t immediately concede to what other SEO experts are saying about the negative effects of using a traffic service to drive visitors.

While it is true in some instances, but if you are diligent enough to look for the best firm that provides world-class services, you will enjoy numerous benefits other than just getting a boost in hits. This includes better SEO, more shares in social media, more followers to your posts, and improved online reputation among others.

Thus, effective implementation of the system is vital. Although it is good to still focus on search engine optimization because of the incalculable benefits of being on top of the search engine result pages, it is still important to diversify your sources of visitors to include paid leads generation using the services of a trusted firm. This will also push your ranking further by following the above steps that will maximize your investments.